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Found 6 results

  1. Well, this is what I came up with this afternoon. The birds and slight road sounds aren't sound effects by the way, I just caught them from outside while recording the guitar and decided to keep them. Simple tune, I didn't have much time. Maybe I'll expand on it...not sure... Any feedback welcome. Added a new part and reduced the repeat on the end part. Does it work? Another update 10th March, now including some bass. https://soundcloud.com/monostone-1/distant-cars03/s-IO7C4 UPDATE WITH SHREYASI https://soundcloud.com/monostone-1/distant-cars08lessverb/s-3fNeZ Words - Evenings cold On the stone With my feet In the road Counting hours Wanting more Counting hours It’s a dream for the few Close my eyes to the truth It won’t be long Until the night It won’t be long Feel it in the sound Of distant cars The empty roads cold Waiting for Golden lights Golden lights Arms open wide Hope through fear All those years behind the tears Let’s go home Graceful love Painful love In the evening glow It's getting late and the world is waiting Mistakes are made In the evening glow Evening's cold On the stone With my feet In the road It won't be long Until the night It won't be long
  2. Where she gone

    This is my song Where she gone, any criticism will be welcomed, I haven't a clue whether my songs are good or bad, so would be good to get some feed back. Update: Someone kindly pointed out that The 4 sample songs I put on earlier didn't have enough content of the song with it only being a verse and chorus of each, so this is 'Where she's gone.' (Verse) Sun shines down through the glass, Slowly moves, the hour passed for you. Reflecting on the memories, casualties passed along the way. (Pre chorus) And you wanted to be free but, Your chained down to reality, You say, But you might just be the opposite, Trading your sole, for a day of fame. (Chorus) Let's say when, were doing it again, Waiting for the moment to come, And every now and then, See her dancing in the rain, Someone please tell me where she went. Where she's go------------------ne (Instrumental) (Verse) From one home to another, Stuck in life's, backwards game. Few words to ya brother, You'll find what you are looking for some day. (Pre Chorus) And you wanted to be free but, Your chained down to reality you say. But you might just mean the opposite, I know how you feel, if it's all the same. (Chorus) (Outro) Take a walk down town, a swim down, Stream, a dive into the open sea, forget the chances you have lost, break free of the chains before you get lost. (Pre Chorus) (Chorus) End.
  3. Make you Stay

    Hi, This is my original song, "Make you stay". I only joined Soundcloud two days ago and am not very skilled at recording/mixing but would love any feedback you can give (Lyrics, melody, structure, quality, catchi-ness, instruments, arrangement, tempo, voice etc). Thank you in advance https://soundcloud.com/alexxxiii/make-you-stay Lyrics: So this is how the story ends Decided we were better off as friends The way you look tonight with your sorry eyes and your goodbye smile Nothing I can do to make you stay Same old you and same old me Beginning to see things differently From the moment that we met you were saying things that I won't forget There's nothing I can do to love you less Am I wasting time trying to make you feel the same So I'll try and try change my mind cause I can't change the rules of your game but I'll still try Can we go back To when we were more than friends Can I be the one you love again Cause I can't bear to watch you walk away Darling I would do anything to make you stay Such a feeling such a rush It started off as little more than a crush and it's the way you look tonight with your sorry eyes and your goodbye smile there's nothing I can do to change your mind Am I wasting time trying to make you feel the same So I'll have to change my mind cause I can't change the rules of your game but I'll try So can we go back to when we were more than friends can I be the one you love again cause I can't bear to watch you walk away darling I would do anything to make you stay Back to when we were more than friends can I be the one you love again cause I can't bear to watch you walk away darling I would do anything darling I would do I would do I would do anything I would do I would do anything to make you stay
  4. No Title Instrumental (WIP)

    Well, I am gonna miss finishing the track currently on the board for completion in July (the streak for the 1 song per month challenge ends!). Working around vacation schedules knocked me off course and it won't be ready for critique until Mid-August. In the meantime, I decided to join in the WIP postings with this instrumental that is slated to be finished in September. Looking for mix critique and structure comments. Thank you guys for lending me your time and ears!
  5. There are as many answers to that question as there are songwriters. The reason for that is pretty simple. There is no definitely correct way to write a song! Art is universally understood to be a subjective medium. Every artist creates differently and every consumer interprets differently. To call it a vague concept is an understatement! Personally, I think Webster's should add "art" as one of the officially recognized definitions for the word "vague" . The difference between good & bad art, truly is in the eye-of-the-beholder.....or in this case, the ear-of-the-listener. For those who create art, that vagueness is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing part of that equation is fairly obvious! If there are no absolutes governing the creation of art, then the artist really can't make a mistake. Can they? If there are no strict rules, then....whatever decisions are made, must be correct, at least in theory. From a creative standpoint, that truly is a blessing. It means that artists have complete creative freedom! They begin their process with absolutely nothing.....then end it with their version of a completed work of art. Generally speaking, I imagine that the public is aware of our blessing. But, I doubt whether much thought is ever given to "our curse". In a nutshell, it's that same complete freedom, which endlessly complicates the creative process. The question presented by the title of this article, is merely one example of that complication. "When Is A Song Finished"? · Exactly how does a songwriter go about making that decision, given their complete creative freedom? · What do they base the decision on, since there are no hard & fast rules? Chances are, unless you're a songwriter, those questions have never even entered your mind. That's one of the reasons I chose this particular topic. Hopefully, those of you who don't write are getting a glimpse of what's behind that mysterious creative curtain. For purposes of this article, the term "song" will be used to refer to only the essential elements.....lyrics, melody & single instrument accompaniment. Believe it or not, the complexities multiply about 1,000-fold once you begin factoring in elements like the arrangement, effect choices and final mix. Honestly, I can feel myself growing older just thinking about it! With just those 3 basic elements to consider, how complicated could the process be....right? After all, we're only talking about words, a melody for those words and some backing chords to be played by 1 instrument beneath that melody. That does sound simple! You would think that, once a writer has created those 3 elements for a song, the song would be done....right? Yeah....till the writer begins asking themselves questions like: · Is the meaning of my lyric as clear as it could be? · Will most listeners be able to come away with the message that I hoped to convey? · Does the rhyme scheme of the lyric work well? Did I include enough rhymes, or did I make it too rhymy? In either case, does that detract from the overall message I'm trying to convey? · Does my lyric contain a solid, easily memorable hook? In other words, is there something built into the lyric that's catchy & repeated, that will help make the listener want to hear the song again? · Are all of the verses solid, or do I need to rewrite the 3rd ......it seems a bit weak? · Is my title catchy & cool? Will it be easy for people to remember? Is it short? After all....long titles are frowned upon. · Will other people find my lyric interesting? If not, why not? Should I change something to make it a bit easier to identify with? · Does the meter of my lyric (feel & flow) sound natural when it's sung? · Does the melody work well with the single instrument chord structure behind it? · Are both the melody & the feeling of the music good matches for the lyric? Do all 3 elements point the listener in the same direction? Do all 3 complement one another? · Does the song need a bridge section? If so, what type & where should it be placed within the song? · How's my introduction? Is it short enough? Will it keep a listener engaged, or make them want to turn the song off? · Is my song too long? · Does my song flow naturally from section- to-section, or does the change from verse-to-chorus sound too abrupt? Should I have included pre-chorus sections, rather than trying to move directly from verse-to-chorus? Some of you may be asking yourselves....is he serious? Believe it or not....totally! None of these questions are far-fetched. As absurd as it may seem, they represent merely the-tip-of-the songwriting iceberg. There are many more. This internal battle we wage, is simply a necessary part of the process & songwriters learn to accept it as such. But, sooner or later a song has to be finished....right? So the real question becomes...how much of this examining process should we allow ourselves to do? At what point does it cease being useful & instead become a neurotic exercise in futility? Once again, there is no single answer. Each writer's process is different. That's our curse....the never-ending questioning of one's self! Though I can't pretend to speak for every writer, I can certainly speak for myself. For me, the process became manageable once I learned to define, control & embrace my own version of it. That's right....I actually · examined my process · considered my specific goals & motivations as a writer · made realistic assessments of my up-front expectations, the tools I had to work with and my available time. Keeping in mind that there is no such thing as "the perfect song", I made some simple decisions. I weighed what I was willing & able to put into a project....against my expectations of the end result. I tried to achieve a balance between what I was willing to accept....and what it would take to get me there. From that, was born my version of the process. I've been writing songs for over 16 years now. Somewhere along the line, I stopped viewing songs as finished or unfinished. I prefer to look at everything as a work-in-progress....at various stages of development. When I'm done with a song, I'm essentially "done for now". Because I also recognize the incredible importance of re-writing, I never rule out the possibility of returning to a project at a later time. As a matter of fact, I just finished doing that to a 2007 song - "The Real World". So in closing, I'd like to leave a simple piece of advice for novice songwriters. Do yourself a favor & figure out what your personal version of "finished" is going to be. If you wait for inspiration, intuition or divine intervention to let you know.....you could be in for a very long wait! Don't buy into the fairy-tales you've heard about how this magically works. Get in there & figure it out for yourself. You can always make adjustments to your process as you go. Happy writing everyone! Tom Hoffman Songstuff member profile http://www.tune-smith.com http://www.youtube.com/tomhoffman1
  6. How To Write A Song

    Here's an indie musician's guide to songwriting by my band, Pitch Feather. We write, record, produce and promote our own music (and now, videos). We love to compose, arrange and produce songs, and thought we could share our method with the rest of you aspiring songwriters. Happy songwriting!