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Found 2 results

  1. Androids

    This one's a monstrous 7 minutes long, managed to pack a lot into it. Recorded this track at home, it's a little kitschy and could use some work and I'm open to suggestions! I'd like to discuss the lyrics especially and talk about their meaning if anyone would like to wager a guess as to what they mean. Definitely something different here then what I usually do but I thought it would be a great track to open up with considering it's the one I'm working on right now. Let me hear your thoughts on it. Recorded this with a Korg Mililogue jacked straight into my computer and used audacity to edit everything together. Here it is; Here are the lyrics; A tragedy that people are Scarcely given to emotional response Free opinion circumvented Speech conformingly demented Ideals from self never descended Tell me is that how our stories ended? Your prejudice leaving its scar You choose to hate my rennaissance Hatred cruelly calculated This new feeling truly dated And yet you're never compensated Tell me is it me that's truly hated Or is self loath required From Androids Seeking human soul In life For your choice Never giving thought To why you're human If there's room in- Side your heart Isn't it a start For once you'll taste Of human grace Inside your mind I'm sure you'll find The truth About your maker Truth about your maker Apologies ever pretended Aching wounds are never mended A travesty when they are used Individuals powers abused Literacy program infused We'll teach you how to read the news Manifestation dies In Androids Seeking no form of life Despise Your employs But never causing strife Anticipation of future Electronic Nations Self sustaining Ever fading Human heart I wish it was a start But we're only designed In time you'll surely find The Truth About your Maker The Truth about your Maker
  2. Hi From New Zealand!

    Hi everyone I write electronic music, using Propellerhead Reason. It's a hobby and my abilities are strictly amateur!, but I'm a synthesizer enthusiast, and really enjoy the composing and sound production processes. I can't sing, but a couple of years ago I was lucky enough to meet up on the SoundCloud with an artist Carl Grace who frequents this forum - he sings, composes, plays keys and guitar. He lives in San Francisco and I live in Auckland, so we collaborate by exchanging files using Drop Box, and publish songs to our Soundcloud accounts and Bandcamp. I see Carl has posted some songs here, and the quality is feedback from everyone is really excellent - high quality, detailed, candid and always constructive. You all seem like a bunch of passionate, supportive folks, which inspired me to sign up here :-) I'll be really keen to get feedback (no matter how critical) to improve my own abilities, and certainly share my own opinions and experience to people here! cheers! Raymond www.soundcloud.com/raymondhayter