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Found 18 results

  1. Persona

    I don't know how others process information or thoughts, but I often find myself thinking in pictures. Not always, but lots. Just curious--do any of you hear someone's voice in song, someone you have no idea what they look like, and with whatever little bit of information you have, get an image of what that person looks like? It's kinda fun. But it doesn't work if you already seen a picture of them-- for me, sometimes the image changes with new information, but generally the voice doesn't age as much as the body--so you probably look younger in the image than you actually are. I get a kick out of it because an entire visual character gets built around limited information. Some images are sort of undefined for awhile, while others pop up instantly. It's even better when sometime down the road, you get to see how close or very far off you are. I really get a kick out of that! Wouldn't you like to know how someone envisions you based on your singing voice? Hah! I think it would be funny!
  2. Dear all, I am a singer-songwriter from New Delhi, India. I write for and perform with a voice ensemble by the name of The Manta Sidhu Ensemble. The music leans towards folk-pop. I would love to have you all take the time to go through my music and offer comments, feedback, suggestions...so I may integrate them in my forthcoming collection of songs. Many thanks and warm regards.
  3. Without You Here

    This is my latest song - "Without You Here" - really looking for ideas about what to put behind the track i.e. instruments, percussion, added vocals, and also criticism on the song itself (i.e. flow/melody/harmony/structure/repetitiveness/memorability etc). Thanks in advance Lyrics: You're the real deal You're the one I didn’t tell you when you were around But I should have done It’s not like I need you and I’ll be okay They say you’ll find another one soon But I still miss you everyday (And now I'm) Sitting in a parked car hiding from the rain Screaming out the songs as the radio plays but It’s not the same without you here Dancing round the kitchen before we go to bed Laughing at my jokes they sound funny in my head You said it’s something bout the way she smiles that makes you want to love with her and not me You said there’s something bout the way she laughs but I know she won’t make you laugh like I did It’s not like I miss you It’s not like I care But I see you in every face and I can’t help but stare [Chorus]
  4. Make you Stay

    Hi, This is my original song, "Make you stay". I only joined Soundcloud two days ago and am not very skilled at recording/mixing but would love any feedback you can give (Lyrics, melody, structure, quality, catchi-ness, instruments, arrangement, tempo, voice etc). Thank you in advance https://soundcloud.com/alexxxiii/make-you-stay Lyrics: So this is how the story ends Decided we were better off as friends The way you look tonight with your sorry eyes and your goodbye smile Nothing I can do to make you stay Same old you and same old me Beginning to see things differently From the moment that we met you were saying things that I won't forget There's nothing I can do to love you less Am I wasting time trying to make you feel the same So I'll try and try change my mind cause I can't change the rules of your game but I'll still try Can we go back To when we were more than friends Can I be the one you love again Cause I can't bear to watch you walk away Darling I would do anything to make you stay Such a feeling such a rush It started off as little more than a crush and it's the way you look tonight with your sorry eyes and your goodbye smile there's nothing I can do to change your mind Am I wasting time trying to make you feel the same So I'll have to change my mind cause I can't change the rules of your game but I'll try So can we go back to when we were more than friends can I be the one you love again cause I can't bear to watch you walk away darling I would do anything to make you stay Back to when we were more than friends can I be the one you love again cause I can't bear to watch you walk away darling I would do anything darling I would do I would do I would do anything I would do I would do anything to make you stay
  5. Let me know what you think!
  6. Hey Guys! Please give me some feedback on this cover I just created! If you like it please subscribe =D
  7. Hello its me :)

    Hello i am Marc, born in 1987 and fascinated in singing and recording songs I am from Luxembourg / Europe and want to share my Coverversions with you Music is my passion and a very big habbit of mine, like all i love to share and listen to new songs and nice work. Kind Regards and a good time My Youtube Profile --> https://www.youtube.com/user/f1r3 Marc W. aka firef0xlu
  8. Habitable Planet By Emily Anderson

    Let me know what you think of this song. I don't usually write songs that have any sort of political message, so I'm a little hesitant about this one. Hoping the message is mostly gentle and agreeable. Thanks for critiquing! http://youtu.be/cL9TSaXq3GE Lyrics: I wanna be a spaceship. I'll carry you to Keplar-186, where you can finally get some peace, peace, peace. Oh, these bills we have to pay keep on collecting, and our pockets they aren't getting any deeper. So I'm carrying you to a habitable planet. Oh, the minimum wage is a maximum cage, and the people who can't pay can never get away, so I'll carry you aboard my ship to a habitable planet. These people who go hiding. Build their houses made with mud and stone, and sticks. I think they're on to something. I bet they sleep, sleep, sleep. There is something in our souls within our bodies that finds comfort in the toil of its labor. But what's the point of labor when you can't move beyond your situation? Oh, the minimum wage is a maximum cage, and the people who can't pay can never get away, so I'll carry you aboard my ship to a habitable planet. I travelled to the desert. But somebody owned every bit of land, so I travelled to the forest, but someone owned that too. When Mr. Polk had everyone move west, to pick out whatever land they choose, they staked the land for free, but now there's nowhere left for me to stake a claim to. Oh, the minimum wage is a maximum cage, and the people who can't pay can never get away, so I'll carry you aboard my ship to a habitable planet.
  9. Hi there! I'm not sure if here is the correct place to ask this, so admins, feel free to change it in case! Since the beggining of the year I've been thinking about giving my live performance a new perspective, going to electronic devices that complete my keyboard. I have my band in Madrid but now I'm moving to Japan and I want to keep making music, probably on my own as they can't go with me. So I'm trying to be more independent right now and here is where lots of questions appear. I don't want to be a DJ or do the typical electronic music but I thought that maybe a looper could help me with different lines of melody, adding layers and so and probably using my laptop to play pre-record things (which I don't like that much because a live performance is a live performance buuut due to the circumstances... I need to eat haha). Then, the idea of a sampler came out, so I can play with different sounds at the same time, playing one pre-recorded line or another, then quite one, then another... I explain so well, I know hahaha. The point is I only have money for one of them before going (I'd prefer something under 150€, surely second hand) and I don't know which can be the best for me. Anyway that's not the question, I only want to ask for your opinion about these devices because I'm a total noob! Ok, so, to sum up, the questions are: 1) Which looper do you think is the best according to a relative low price? Specially one that goes fine with keyboards and can play different effects. I'd also like to play with my voice, so I can sing different lines and make it all sound as a whole. 2) Which sampler do you think is the best? Price/quality 3) Personal opinion. In my situation, what would you do? Would you buy first the looper or the sampler? This ones is what I've been thinking for, but probably you'll know more about all this things, so please, explain me a little! Looper: Line 6 M9 Sampler: Roland SP-404SX Sorry for my poor English, I know it's a mess. Thanks in advance!
  10. I'm new to singing (I pretty much got into it six months ago when I started learning the guitar) and would love constructive criticism on how to improve my voice and technique from more experienced singers. Feel free to be mean if necessary, I'm aware that my singing is far from prefect and I have no real technical training. It would also be really helpful if someone could tell me if I'm an alto, mezzo or soprano etc. I'm not looking to become a professional, I just love to sing for fun alone and with my friends and want to improve my voice. Here's my soundcloud and a few quick recordings that may give you a idea of my singing: https://soundcloud.com/tiinamaria Thanks if you take the time to respond!
  11. Vibrato! Learned Or Natural?

    I've been trying to cultivate a vibrato instead of holding out straight notes. Is this something I either have or don't have, or is it something I can learn? What are your thoughts?
  12. Hitting High Notes

    I was just wondering if I'm hitting those high notes correctly and if it's dangerous for my voice.
  13. Alright so i'm brand new here, and honestly just looking for some feedback based on just my voice itself. I sing without music most of the time, and i'm trying to get myself out there just to see how to improve on how i sing. Any help would be appreciated. < Living in America from rent, not my best moment. < Umbrella by Rhianna cover. Like i said just looking for some good feedback.
  14. Talent Vs Entertainment

    I appreciate many different styles of music but let’s face it, just because you can hold a note and the producer can coach you through a session doesn't mean that you are the next Golden child of the music business. Being able to disguise moderate talent and propel a single to the top of the charts is also somewhat of a talent, but that is all it is, a well thought out disguise. @TheVoiceProLive Coming from a family of natural born singers I was constantly around mind blowing harmonies and an impressive archive of music. So naturally I kind of miss the days when singing was special and not everyone thought they could do it, before the karaoke era. Tha is why I try to help my students or artist realize their true singing voice and potential. You don’t have to be the best, just really great in your space, and that’s why some of these competition shows are not completely fair. What business does a country singer have singing a Marvin Gay or Motown production? The Voice Pro.
  15. Live Music Performer

    Hey, I'm a singer/songwriter from Lithuania. I'd like to improve my songwriting skills and get some opinions about my works.. I love live performances. This is my homemade song, have a deep blue listening;) :
  16. Cover L-O-V-E Nat 'king' Cole

    Hi! So I sang a cover of L-O-V-E by Nat 'King' Cole for critique. I was wondering what you guys thought? If you haven't heard the original song, I'm only singing the first bit because it repeats, but please go listen. Link for Cole's version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6qp6nuAph0 My recording of my voice is a capella and attached. Please take a look, and forgive the not wonderful sound quality, my laptop's mic isn't so great. It's approximately one minute long.
  17. I've opened the larnyx, I've pressed on the diaphragm, now the problem I'm having is getting my voice to be powerful, or carry over. I sung "Bat Out Of Hell" today and every time I go to dad for critque, he says my voice doesnt carry over. Its such a unnecessary obstacle, what can I do to conquer it?
  18. Recording Voice

    Hi there, when i am home with my acoustic and sing to it all is ok. But when i got those headfones on - even when i pull back one side that i can hear myself - i strain my voice with taking back the pressure. In lower register its fine. But when i sing for example a refrain it sounds totally flat like if i am talking. The result is a thin dull high register with too much tremble on it which affects sometimes the lower one too. Am i too nervous? Or do i sing too loud that the mic is compressing my voice? And afterwards it just felt like i took pressure from my voice by myself? Like ... i can sing my heart out but the mic starts compressing it and tho i strain ? thanks for reading. kind regards Andre