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  1. Can I get some help?

    Hello folks, hope to get your inputs for this one .. When I listen to songs, it is always the melody and voice that attracts me first. I could fall head-over-heels in love with it even if it had very crappy lyrics. When it comes, to singing, though… I notice that if I don’t feel the lyrics, I don’t find the motivation to proceed. I’m not a songwriter but I've been trying to understand this aspect more lately and again feel that if I don’t have words that I identify with (whether mine or someone else’s), I'm again put off from going further. I don’t know how much I'm restricting myself by doing this. I have two questions just to get different perspectives and try broadening my thinking: 1) When you create original music, which part inspires you initially? The melody or the lyrics? Or something else? 2) Which are your favourite songs lyrically? (Just wanting to understand different tastes.. maybe get inspired by them, too) Sreyashi/Sumi