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Found 35 results

  1. Been working on this one for a while now. Any comments are appreciated. I think the structure of the song and the lyrics are more or less carved in stone, but there is work to be done on the mix. I would be happy to have Your opinion on instumentation, Levels, pannning and eq. I will have my vocals redone later by someone who actually can sing, and maybe keep some of my own "vocals" as backingvocals. The song is a bit long, but I think it will stay this way. http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13551439 The Pills Here`s a pill for the stormy weather and here`s a pill for your pain. Here`s a pill for the traffic jam to keep you from going insane Here`s a pill for the nighttime and here`s a pill for the day Here`s a pill that might stop you In case you got something to say Here is a pill for depression and here`s a pill just for fun Here`s a pill for your troubles that might stop you from reaching your gun. Here`s a pill for the emptiness That haunts you all the time Here`s a pill that will numb you and prevent you from using your mind Chorus: You live by your medication So apart from reality Does it make you feel any better Does it make you feel more free The pills you take will change you But do they make you a better man Are you ready to live without them Are you ready to take your stand Here is a pill for the feelings you miss and all the memories you want to forget Here is a pill to make you feel alive and here`s a pill you will regret Here is a pill for the sunshine Here is a pill for the rain Here is a pill for the pills that you take Here is a pill in vain Chorus – solo- chorus x2
  2. Hi Gang, Here's another recording I'm working on....I'm looking for overall flow, timing, mix, and production critiques. Thanks everyone! Let Me Down Softly Copyright 2016 –JH Michaels Verse 1: I see you walkin’ toward me With a look that says Something’s on your mind So I’m holding my breath Verse 2: You say we have to talk Well don’t it always start that way You came to say good-bye And now you just can’t stay Pre-Chorus: So like golden sunlight On an autumn day Like a leaf in the breeze So please…………………………… Chorus: Let me down softly Oh Let me down softly Verse 3: I’m quietly dying inside But I put on a brave show And wish you all the best While you sadly smile and go Verse 4: And with you goes a part of me That will forever be gone How do I stop loving you When you’re all that I want Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge: It’s not really a surprise that you found someone new You said it started out small, then changed and grew You tried to warn me so many times, oh that’s true That you needed more than I could ever give to you Pre-chorus Chorus x 4 End
  3. Hi, everyone. I posted my original lyrics before: And below are the slightly revised lyrics: They say that when you can't sleep at night it's because you're on someone else's mind. This was the one myth I wanted to believe when awake at night and far from sleep. This is my last dream of you. I'm tired of all my waking nights and the burn of my closing eyes. This is my last dream of you. I people watched with my eyes closed. If you felt my stare, I didn't mean to encroach upon your figment-ary figure stating there alone. I just wanted some way to bring you home. This is my last dream of you. I'm tired of all my waking nights and the burn of my closing eyes. This is my last dream of you. I know the things I tell myself are almost never true, but This is my last dream of you. I'm tired of all my waking nights and the burn of my closing eyes. This is my last dream of you. I just wanted to get new eyes on this rewrite. Better? Worse? Any suggestions for improvement
  4. Hey all.....life has been quite a turmoil lately, so I haven't been able to do much recording. Here is one I'm working on....I'm mostly looking for crits in the the lyrics, overall song flow and my biggest bugaboo...timing . Production....well....I'm learning some new things but it's still my weakest point. Consider this a work in progress. As always, any and all comments are welcome....(hint: 'you suck' is not helpful) Missing You copyright 2017 JH Michaels, all rights reserved Verse 1: I look around and I'm all alone How do I stop this empty ache in my soul Our life was bright as a sunny day Since you're gone it all fades to gray Refrain: Every day, and every way, oh.. I'm missing you Every day, and every way, oh.. I'm missing you Verse 2: I tried to find a way to make you stay But no matter what I did, you went anyway It's you I find I...I really need So that my heart won't continue to bleed Refrain Verse 3: What do we do when it's all gone bad And we're just a shadow of the dreams we had Somehow I wish it could be The way it started for you and me Refrain Bridge: Oh baby please won't you come home Oh baby please won't you come home Refrain Bridge2: Oh baby please won't you come home Why did you leave me all alone Refrain Bridge3: Oh baby please won't you come home I can't stand being all alone End
  5. Hi everyone! This is the first song I'm posting for review here and I'm very excited. I feel like I'm almost done with this song and before I move on to something else I'd just like to get some fresh eyes on it as it is new. My Last Dream of You They say that when you can’t sleep at night it’s because you’re on someone else’s mind. But there can’t be much truth in this. Our relationship was never more than dancing sunlight wisps. This is my last dream of you. I’m tired of all my waking nights and the burn of my closing eyes. This is my last dream of you. I haven’t seen you in many years. How is the vision of your face still so clear? We were close where we used to be. I can feel your touch at night when I sleep but you never touched me. This is my last dream of you. I’m tired of all my waking nights and the burn of my closing eyes. This is my last dream of you. I know the things I tell myself are almost never true, but This is my last dream of you. I’m tired of all my waking nights and the burn of my closing eyes. This is my last dream of you. Here are some initial questions I have: Does the end of V1: ‘dancing sunlight wisps’ seem too flowery? Is the chorus fresh and easily understandable? Does V2 seem like a natural progression from V1? This was the most challenging part. Do lines three through five make sense? Do I need to add more to the bridge or is it complete on it’s own? Thank you so much!
  6. I'm Not Shook Verse 1: Looking for love in all the wrong places , Relying far too much on the looks of their faces. We were never meant to last. Everything was moving way too fast. Verse 2: I found a safe place, a home in you. I swore this love was something true. You said you don't believe in love but honey, That's all you were dreaming of... how funny! Chorus: I'm not mad and I'm not shook, but if you even gave me one more look I think I'd loose it and then you'd see You really meant something to me. Verse 3: Boy, When you look back on those days I hope you see more than just a superficial haze You said that we were just too the same But baby isn't that why you came? Verse 4: I hope you meet someone not like you at all, Who won't get too upset when you don't ever call... Someone strong to take away your pain, you see Someone who won't ever have to feign like, me. Chorus: I'm not mad and I'm not shook, but if you even gave me one more look I think I'd loose it and then you'd see You really meant something to me. Verse 5: You said my illness was far too much and just a little too hot to the touch. Which makes no sense cause you're hot too Something I wish I'd never knew. Verse 6: The closeness of our bodies made me cry. How can something so beautiful go so awry? You told me that was one thing keeping us together... I wish I'd never touched you, not once. Never. Chorus: I'm not mad and I'm not shook, but if you even gave me one more look I think I'd loose it and then you'd see You really f*cking meant something to me.
  7. Here's the last one i've been playing with. Still missing: A good Bass track, My daughter's voice to replace mine on the bridge and last chorus. This is a WIP so any ideas or critic is welcomed. Here is wit part two after many great comments and suggestions Still ... ... Cheers and many thanks for taking the time
  8. This is one I wrote a while ago and I'm wanting to produce a recorded version. So here's the first run at it. Lyrics below Sand Dollar Dreamin’ Copyright 2015 –JH Michaels Intro: We’re sand dollar dreamin’ Sand between our toes Walkin’ down the beach Where nobody knows You’re by my side Hand in hand Livin’ our lives in our Castle in the sand Chorus: Sand dollar dreamin’ Just you and me Sand dollar dreamin’ Here by the sea Sand dollar dreamin’ The way it should be Sand dollar dreamin’ Here by the sea Verse: The big one’s are dollars The small one’s change And when ya think about it Well, it’s not that strange There’s waggin’ tails Chasin’ a ball We got sun and wind We’ve got it all <chorus> Bridge: We’re watchin’ the waves Ridin’ a few I got saltwater in my eyes But that doesn’t stop me from lookin’ at you We got a fire goin’ Makin’ s’mores Makin’ it hot beneath our blankets Oh the Hell with the chores <Chorus> Outro: -------Finish:
  9. There are still space/holes left but they're filling up. Updates include a real bass player who sent some tracks to me. He's playing a lot in the lower register, so I felt the need to fill in the harmonic space and I started playing around with orchestral instruments. So far I've kept it down to two basically monophonic tracks - violas and english horn. Geesh, a little sure goes a long way. Also, with the bass that low, I decided to bring the drums back in early - but they are decidedly temporary. Still looking for the right drummer/percussionist. Still any and all - I'm constantly tweaking and updating it. Vs. 1 (extended) Daddy’s on vacation Took the family for a ride We got caught up in the songs we sang And the exits passed us by Pretty soon the darkness fell And we looked up and saw a clear and moonless sky. It couldn’t be more beautiful The stars, they were on fire. With the tank approaching emptiness Well it came down to the wire We made our destination And I remember these, the best of times Chorus 1 There’s nothing wrong - when you can laugh things off and try another way. So we sang along on the journey back to Monterey Vs 2. We are the stuff of battles lost Just as much’ the ones we've won The constellations of where we’ve been And of all the songs we’ve sung So when rambling roads and songs Don’t take me anywhere, well then I’ll know Chorus 2 There’s something wrong when I can’t find me another way Oh, it would sure feel good if I could make it back to Monterey (Very Short Instrumental Interlude) Vs. 3 Last night I and Amelia Got lost between the strings Her vapor trails came floating down and wrapped around my wings In disbelief I went outside and looked up and saw a clear and moonless sky. Chorus 3 And all the stars - they fell around me in disarray That's why I’m going back to Monterey Bridge I don’t belong here anymore; these aren’t my days or times. Don’t give me so many choices - no, ‘cause I’ve made up my mind. Yeah, you’ve all got friendly voices, but I can read the signs These are the memories I'll save, and hold on to my wings tonight Vs 4 (outro) Let’s sing about adventure With the windows open wide We’ll sing right through the fog and chill And let the exits pass us by.
  10. Hi everyone.....this one took on an odd form....I'm having some issues with the bridge and also with the vocal arrangement....It feels ok as I do it...but when I listen to it ....gak!.....as always any helpful hints, tips, suggestions, or rotten tomatoes are welcome. Lyrics below. Another Sleepless Night Copyright 2016- JH Michaels Verse: 1 It's another sleepless night You’re out late again It's another sleepless night I’m wonderin’ where you’ve been What kind of lie will you spin With that innocent grin Verse: 2 It’s another sleepless night And you’re not at home It’s another sleepless night I know you’re not alone You don’t answer your phone Your heart’s cold as stone Bridge: I know you’ve been seein’ him Almost every day Why aren’t you satisfied And hurt me this way I used to want you here Now I don’t want you to stay Don’t want you to stay Don’t want you to stay Verse: 3 It’s another sleepless night Why are you so cruel It’s another sleepless night Why am I such a fool It’s time I said good-bye And you know the reason why Outro: It’s another sleepless night It’s another sleepless night No more sleepless nights End
  11. (Posting in the non-members section...hopefully.) Hello everyone. This is a work in progress that I would love to get some feedback on. I recorded this demo real quick so that I could get the song out of my head and hear it more objectively before I start marrying myself to aspects of it. I am really looking for critiques on the lyrics and song structure. I know there are aspects of the production that need work, and I don't have the best voice. The harmonica is a new thing for me so I am still trying to figure out how to get it to sit well in the mix. Please have a listen and let me how it's going so far. Cheers! (I'm going to check out some other songs in the forum and leave my thoughts on them, don't worry! But I have to go for now.) Come Evangelina Come Evangelina it's time you learned the truth There's hunger and there's suffering and a path to freedom too There are wars and violent rumors afloat this wild uncaring sea That strain and tear the bonds between nations of debris So come Evangelina Be baptized and be set free Hey Evangelina escape your soothing disguise And the shepherds that're pull'n the wool o'er your eyes At night you bare your skin for crowds of wayward lonely men But you're never truly seen and you've never been kissed Hey Evangelina Step through the choking mist Come Evangelina Sing your song for those adrift Come Evangelina let this lighter ignite The embers that are fading & begging for life Countless mouths are moving but I don't hear a single voice Ideas thrown to wishing wells with words cheap as inflated coin So come Evangelina Illuminate the void Hey Evangelina sing your melody with pride And to my twisted little fictions pay no sober mind And make no promise to be faithful, beautiful or couth It's 'cause I don't need ya that I know our love is true So come Evangelina And paint red the moon Hey Evangelina I wanna dance with you Come Evangelina And bid your chains adieu
  12. Hi guys, headphones are recommended for this track. This is a beat I made with Maschine Studio NI - Im still getting used to it. This beat is a rough idea for a song Im working on. The song contains the story of love and stars/outer-space and I want to know if you guys think that this track captures those emotions/feelings? I would also like to know if you guys think the arrangement sounds current, enough? Im not that familiar with production, so I won't be the person producing it in the end but I'll be using this as reference for the person who ends up producing it. Thanks in advance, Ken
  13. Hi everyone! This is a WIP and I was hoping to get some feedback BEFORE I get married to anything to much. Comment on anything as usual but I am especially interested in getting my levels set on vocals and instruments. I've struggled with this one, going back and forth on how upfront to have each part. I'll post the lyrics so you guys can see if it makes any damn sense to anyone but me. I appreciate any input. So many sounds in the city One more may never be known Drift up and fade away Dissipate in a haze of love songs You make it sound so easy You make me afraid to be alone Not sure that you have changed Even though you're telling me so It's hard for me to take you back It's easier to cast the first stone It's hard when you make me crazy It'd be easier to just let go When the night sounds wash me over And my eyes are too heavy to see All the pictures seem to find me Of a land where I used to be That lonesome melancholy I feel when I need to see home Kick back in barefoot sunshine It's a shame I never go It's hard for me to take you back It's easier to cast the first stone It's hard when you make me crazy It'd be easier to just let go But you know me too well I can't fight the seasons You know all my weakness You know all the reasons It's hard for you to take me back It's easier to cast the first stone It's hard when you make me crazy It'd be easier to just let go If I could just let go If I could just let go If I could just let go
  14. Hi guys, Here's a WIP! one that's been on the burner for a while...not sure if it's working or not, or if it's indeed a song at all It's about the over prescribing of prescription drugs, particularly opiates and benzo's and the devastating effect it has The Doctors name happened to be Dr Symons, so that's why I brought the 'Simon's Says' game into the song How's the mix? Are the words easily understood? Is it too busy? Is it cohesive enough? Does the title work? It doesn't really have a hook...do you think it needs one? Are the vocals loud enough in the mix? Do you think I should sing the Doctor bits instead of speaking them, or is it effective as is? Any constructive feedback will be most welcome thanks for listening Lyrics on SC https://soundcloud.com/crystalsuzy/simon-says/s-defSn
  15. Here's a new song....along with my first attempt at including other instruments (drums from Hydrogen).....since this my first run at using Reaper, I realize there are probably a ton of production issues here. I tagged it as a WIP because I'm sure there will lot's of helpful input lol. Thanks everyone! (Sorry about the other songs on there....not sure why Soundcloud did that) It’s a Beginning Copyright 2016- JH Michaels Verse: We’re fresh and new. Like mornin’ dew My heart skips a beat When we meet You’re on guard I’m tryin’ hard I don’t have much My treasure is your touch Your voice is a thrill Something real Eyes so brown I could drown Chorus: So take my hand We’ll make our stand (alt. – And understand) It’s more than a dream It’s a beginning Verse: I love your lips The sway in your hips My heart’s on fire With pure desire Only God knows How time slows When you’re with me I can hardly breathe There could be pain Like heavy rain But our hearts will heal As hard as steel Chorus Chorus Outro: It’s a beginning End.
  16. Here's a new work in progress, tentatively titled "Blue #3". It's in standard tuning. https://soundcloud.com/steve-mueske/blue-3-wip-31416/s-tWZNC
  17. Hi, a few years ago, I downloaded a compilation called 2 minute masterpieces (which I love). Since then, I've been intrigued with the idea of releasing a series of "postcard songs" (roughly 2 minutes in length). Here is a new one called War Talk. Does it work in this 2 minute short format? Should it be longer? Thoughts? It's in a temperament called Zeus 22 (22 steps per octave, but not equal). https://soundcloud.com/steve-mueske/war-talk-wip-zeus-22-21216 Edit: Couldn't stand the mixing in the last version, so updated with a slightly longer version. If anyone is interested, here is the relationship between pitches, in cents (12 EDO is always 100 cents between pitches). So, for example, the minor third is sharp, the major third flat or sharp depending on note choice, the fourth and fifth nearly neutral, etc. 0: 1/1 0.000000 unison, perfect prime 1: 47.218 cents 47.217960 2: 109.870 cents 109.870100 3: 157.088 cents 157.088060 4: 230.889 cents 230.888830 5: 266.958 cents 266.958160 6: 314.176 cents 314.176120 7: 387.977 cents 387.976890 8: 424.046 cents 424.046220 9: 497.847 cents 497.846990 10: 545.065 cents 545.064950 11: 592.283 cents 592.282910 12: 654.935 cents 654.935050 13: 702.153 cents 702.153010 14: 775.954 cents 775.953780 15: 812.023 cents 812.023110 16: 885.824 cents 885.823880 17: 933.042 cents 933.041840 18: 969.111 cents 969.111170 19: 1042.912 cents 1042.911940 20: 1090.130 cents 1090.129900 21: 1152.782 cents 1152.782040 22: 2/1 1200.000000 octave
  18. Howdy, howdy, howdy: Here's an update on my 18edo piece, a work in progress I abandoned last February and have picked up again. It's a long way from being finished, but here is what I have so far. As always, feel free to comment on whatever strikes your fancy. https://soundcloud.com/steve-mueske/18-edo-thing-wip-1116
  19. https://soundcloud.com/michaelstovallmusic/waiting-on-somethingfinal-mix * Last mix for this one Hey guys, Hearing Hobo's excellent music/song this afternoon inspired me to go back and discover some music I had laying around (thanks David!). I always liked this music but I never had lyrics for it, so I scribbled down some words to sing as a guide track. My dream would be for someone to take this music and make a great song out of it with different lyrics and a melody of their own. I also plan to add something to this outro...just not sure what. Anyway, I'd love to hear any thoughts you may have on this one (music/mix/improvements) Thanks everyone! Lyrics She took it in stride like a champion As I was on the move for a while She stood in the doorway like a ghost in my mind wearing her favorite shirt from our time sometimes I feel like an old shoe or maybe a bottle thats lost out at sea you can call it what you want, call it blasphemy Im gonna call it the death of a catastrophe Im waiting on something, yeah yeah yeah I feel she's a bluebird and I'm an avalanche and I'm making my way downtown If you said you knew me, baby you'd be lying I bet you couldnt recognize me now
  20. Hi, Everyone: I started work on a new piece recently, called "Same Time Tomorrow" It's in regular 12-tone temperament, and is a minimal ambient piece. Trying to teach myself patience, I guess. Yes, it's still a work-in-progress, but there's enough here that you get the general drift.
  21. Hi all I wrote this quite quickly last week and have tweaked away, wondered what your thoughts were on it would be. The ending is not quite there yet so any input welcome. I have added a not quite full recording ( the misses came in while recording and I cut out the cursing I did lol! ) Anyway I hope you enjoy it. all verses and a make do bridge at the near end. music and singing not great but enjoyed trying. I fluffed a couple of lines! The Tale Of Lucy ©LGS 2015 Across the river and down a track Lucy lives in a run down shack Daddy likes to drink Mother doesn’t care Born to them by life’s cruel fate She thinks about jumping the gate Running away She’ll never leave (Lu-u-cy Lu-u-cy) sang softly All she wants is a chance in life Find a husband to be his wife Raise some kids The best she can She prays to the lord everyday For her knight to carry her away Sweep her up Set her free (Lu-u-cy Lu-u-cy) She knows that these are only dreams Talks to her reflection in the stream She says maybe They’ll come true The years rolled by her daddy died Neither her nor her mother cried Wasn’t such a loss Not for them (Lu-u-cy Lu-u-cy) Next thing she knew she was 58 Her mothers gone now it's too late Her knight never showed Now she’s alone She sits in a chair by the fire Waiting for her life to expire Drinks like daddy Cares like mom (Lu-u-cy Lu-u-cy) Not finished but a Bridge Lucy sat in that chair and cried Lucy sat in that chair and died She still sits there undiscovered The forest grew the shack got covered Poor Lucy Dust to dust Across the river and down a track Lives an old lady in a run down shack Her name is Lucy She’ll never leave (Lu-u-cy Lu-u-cy) to fade https://soundcloud.com/skin-13/the-tale-of-lucy-c-les-service/s-KjNzJ
  22. Render 4 posted of All Things Being Equal. https://soundcloud.com/steve-mueske/sets/stuff-im-working-on Steve
  23. Hi Guys One thats been on and off for a few months, just wondered what is right and what is wrong with it? 3rd verse is my stickler! not sure the best way to put what I want to say, its all there but sounds corny or something? Any help and as usual don't hold back on critique please. I hope you at least enjoy what i have so far. Cheers Les Ex Marine Intro Just saying I don’t go looking for trouble (just trying to set up the story from the off?) V 1 All I wanted was a quiet drink And a friendly game of pool I should have seen it coming though When I heard the loud mouth fool There's always one in every bar Thinks he’s the bad ass of the town Believe me when I tell you this I’ll knock your bad ass to the ground C 1 (This Chorus is meant to be a general warning not directed at the character (bad ass) in the lyric) I'm ex Marine hard as nails So keep your ugly face outta mine I'm ex Marine I never fail I’ll let it go the once But not a second time V 2 He came on over to the bar Started giving me some grief Talking tough through the booze Our conversation was very brief I said that it be best for him To walk away n leave me alone I could tell by the look in his eye This dog wont leave without his bone C 2 ( This chorus is directed at the character (bad ass) I'm Ex Marine as hard as nails So get your ugly face outta mine I'm Ex Marine I never fail I’ll let it go this once But not a second time V? 3 Well he came back with his friends I took them out one by one Another town I’ll have to leave Before this night is done The barman called the po-lice The locals gave out a cheer As the last one hit the floor I finished up my beer V ? 3 Alternative He went away and drank some more Getting louder by the shot He came back with his friends So I gave them everything I got As they fell one by one The locals gave out a cheer The barman called the po-lice So I finished up my beer/ then he offered me a beer C 1 B (These lines are from the possible V 3 ) Another town I’ll have to leave Before this night is done C 1
  24. Hi Guys This stemmed from the title and was me thinking about some of my biking exploits although I haven't been under a truck yet Ive been close to the end on many occasions. Im not going to admit to anything else though! lol! I wondered what your thoughts were on the idea behind the lyric? the overall flow and content of it? Still tinkering with it as it is only a young lyric lol! So open to ideas and suggestions, also hard critique if you feel it needs it. The last verse may seem a little more wordy than the rest but it sort of sounds ok in my head!!! Doubt I could play or sing this as I hear it so its hard to give you an idea of what I hear. Rock with great Guitars oh yeah! I hope you enjoy the read. Les If The Devil Rode A Bike ©LGS 2015 V Tearing down the highway Throttle open to the max Needle bending on the clock I'm insane, insane that’s a fact V Revs reaching for the red line As I push her 200 plus All else seemed to stand still Oh man what a, what a rush C If the devil rode a bike He’d ride like me If the devil rode a bike He’d ride with me Maybe he doe’s And I just don’t see The Devil on my shoulder Riding with me V Put her on the back wheel Front at 12 o’clock high Kicked her up another cog All I could see, see was sky V Truck pulled out saw it to late.....Changed this line from this, Didn’t see the truck tip late Had to lay her way on down Sparks flying from steel n chrome As we slid, slid along the ground C If the devil rode a bike He’d ride like me If the devil rode a bike He’d ride with me Maybe he doe’s And I just don’t see The Devil on my shoulder Riding with me B Smelt the burning rubber as we went under Heard the brakes squealing like a pig Thought I’d had it! Thought I’d had it! Thought I’d had it! But I live! C If the devil rode a bike He’d ride like me If the devil rode a bike He’d ride with me Maybe he doe’s And I just don’t see The Devil on my shoulder Riding with me
  25. Hi Guys Been playing with this for a week or so and wondered what your thoughts were? I have struggled with the 3rd verse wrote many variations to try and get it right. I like the 1st n 3rd line although open to ideas on them and any of the lyric of course, no holds barred say what you think please. I have added a link to my attempt at it but my phrasing is off (so is my singing lol!) and my guitar sucks but it gives an idea to how I hear it. I also screwed up the ending in the recording but my fingers were aching so I didn't do another one. Just getting back to practicing guitar. I hope you enjoy the read and listen. Cheers Les Is She Like Me-She’s Not Like Me Stopped off at my local for a cold one There she was sitting at the bar Hair tied back legs crossed so lady like I knew I hadn’t seen her here before I couldn’t help but stare at her pretty face Her eyes had a smile of their own I was wondering what she was doing here I wondered why she was all alone Is she like me, a lonely soul No good reason to hurry home To empty rooms without memories To another night spent on our own I waited for my moment to talk to her We sat chatting for a while She said she was waiting for a special friend I could see that in the way she smiled Her friend came in they rushed to warm embrace Not the normal kiss of two girls I realized then that they were lovers I knew I could’nt enter her world She’s not like me, not a lonely soul She has good reason to hurry home No empty rooms without memories She doesn’t spend her nights on her own Well I gave it a shot Guess it wasn’t my lucky day Maybe next time? Is she like me, No she’s not like me She has good reason to hurry home Is she like me, No she’s not like me She doesn’t spent, No she doesn’t spend, She doesn’t spend her nights on her own Is she like me, she’s not like me to fade https://soundcloud.com/skin-13/is-she-like-me-shes-not-like-1/s-v69BA