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Clean Slate/ Freestyle Rap

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Reaper    3

I cleared my profile

So i could have a clean slate

And if you seal my fate

A monster is what i will create

Stackin punchlines in an ammo crate

Woulda had you caught

But they bit on the bait

A little to late

In arkansas you gotta have the right state of mind

But im in the mind of the state

They all put to much on their plate

No time to wait

No time to hate

No time to judge and rate

Rhymes off in the distance

Like kuwait

Chorus for lunch

Dinnertime the verse is what he ate

Mm yeah and it filled him up

With a little bit of

Transition words in his cup

Try to battle with me and get tore up

Wow what a stupid pup

Im an active volcano

Just waitin to erupt

Yeah he's so corrupt

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