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Streaming Wins Again !

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tunesmithth    1,217
Gazebo    12

Its the future.  I have recently subscribed to Spotify, having used the free version for several years.


The only issue I have is that the SPotify library is not as all encompassing as you think - for example virtually no Beatles, very sparse Elvis and obviously Taylor Swift not in evidence.


If this could be overcome, the Ipod would be mothballed completely for me.


I haven't bought CD's for some years, in fact don't even have a CD player these days.


As more revenue comes through streaming, hopefully there will be a change in the way artists are paid.

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Mahesh    478

Hmmm. Interesting.


It looks like the overall revenue has increased via streaming. But Spotify and other digital distribution channels have been reported to pay very less to the artist. I wonder how that adds in to this equation.

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Stova007    197

I guess it was only a matter of time. This is the future of music, especially considering that other companies/investors are wanting to dive into the streaming business now. 


I got a check from Spotify a few weeks back. $2.47…I'm on my way!!!!

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TapperMike    370

Unfortunately the model for artist payment is designed by those who benefit the current situation the most... Spotify,Google



The general rule for fighting spotify is by having your music taken off of spotifiy which garantees you'll never earn anything from them and the general public may not know you have new material out there even if you are a highly recognized artist like Taylor Swift.  What she did wasn't intended as a "I need more money" it was intended as all artists deserve better including her.  Until Taylor Swift those who were abused by spotify's payout policy were normalized as sour grapes nobodies.

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