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Ace in the Hole

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chumpy    59

Nothing like a deadline to focus the mind. Our band, Jerkatorium, is back with another single. This time around the title is Ace in the Hole and here is our take on the title. I hope you enjoy it!


You’re sick
Sick and tired of this town
Let’s break loose, there ain't no use in us hanging around
Maybe we should up and burn it all down
But I think that you've got a
Nihilistic soul
But I truly believe

You've got an ace up your sleeve


You're tired
Sick and tired of this place
It's a shitty little city and a total disgrace here
You never ever ever wanna show your face here
Again, I think that
your anger takes its toll
But now I understand
You've got an ace in your hand


You've got an ace in the hole
When the chips are down,
you just skip town and go
you don't even care, you'll go anywhere
you just GTFO
You've got an ace in the hole
when your world gets tough
you pack it up and go
You can't even deal, when the shit gets real
you play your ace in the hole


You're high
High and mighty, complaining
Love's a lame little game, or so you keep saying
Been dealt a good hand, but you keep overplaying
I'm not the bad guy
But I can play that role
So now I'll tell you what
You've got lodged up your butt


Kiss me I'm sick
Kiss me I'm tired
Of your dirty tricks
And your dumpster fires
When you figure out you love me anyway
And you figure out you really want to stay
You're gonna figure out it doesn't work that way
‘cause I got my own ace that I'm gonna play


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ImKeN    272

Another brilliant song, Chumpy! It's lots of fun to listen to and the energy is so high - might be a sign that I'm getting old lol


Really cool arrangement and all. A really strong, song! :)



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chumpy    59

Thanks for the feedback guys, I appreciate it!


@ImKeN: A lot of our songs have a manic intensity to them. This one is at 180bpm which might be what's making you feel old, heh. One common complaint I've heard a lot is that our songs have no dynamics, they're all full blast all the time, which can tire out the listener. This time I made a conscious effort to try to add some. In the penultimate chorus we dropped out the rhythm guitars and drums which had the nice effect of quieting things down just a bit, and then adding more punch to the final chorus. It also let us do a cool L->R panned pick scrape sound on the rhythm guitar when it came back in, which is probably my favorite part of the song.


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shadowfax    48

Rockin song...worthy of a movie..

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