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I don't write regularly, but on a few odd days, I ride a poetic wave :P

Would appreciate your feedback.







Pain served me doubt
Doubt served me solitude
Solitude served me space
Space served me hope
Hope served me peace
Peace served me happiness 
Happiness served me greatness 
Greatness served me greed
Greed served me vanity 
Vanity served me selfishness
Selfishness served me downfall 
Downfall served me pain


Pain serves me more confusion 
Oh! Why this endless cycle? 
Surrender creeps in, I take shelter 
The weight magically lifted 
Tears fall but I smile
I grasp a tiny speck of the simple truth 
None of this is mine, anyway 
So why did I include myself in the show?


An abyss of new realization 
I relax a little more
I know I can slip into murky waters again
But tonight, I'll sleep in peace

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