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yo my lyricism and rhythm is a religion which begun,
from ah vision i written, i was givin' a definition,
risin from a prison, stayed drivin; with ambition now im,
winnin',  this competition  my vision is perfect precision,
while your shit is rewritten with a million revisions even,
with ambition your no competition your the definition,
of wishin' of your fiction, keep dreaming seeking the meaning of,
leading, thinking you''ll be defeating me your day dreaming yeah yo,
as i was saying i say things amazing which always amazes,
me, aint that amazing lately ive been slaying aiming,  oh and,
dominating while fans praising, i aint playing claiming fame and,
entertaining to days generation with my reputation.
makin' expectations said the nation with my dictation and,
imagination, takin away frustration and sin makin'
our reputation an inspiration, as i step on stage with,
a unimaginable presentation, there medication.
feelin' the crowd with sensations all around they surround screaming,
so loud cant hear my own sound im so proud , ya thats the shit im proud,
about, loud crowds crowding around lovin' what im about without,
any doubt so they just shout thats what im about a loud crowd ya.
drowned out by the shout out, crowned king of the blackout cause i,
standout, aint askin' for a handout on my own rout to make my, 
parents proud, that i vowed, supporting my dreams as the shout my name,
as i overcame my enemies with my melodies being the.
f*ckin best of these out of the rest of these nobodys cause i 
got specialties,  i see my dreams i must achieve with these sheets of,
rhyme schemes unseen to this scene so obscene they seem so mean and clean,
now you see im mainstream of the screen with my schemes and themes oh ya.
im so unique the way i speak, at my peak in the lead with,
perfect technique, in my own league of just being king thats me im,
just being me with my gold bling swingin' im a livin' g crazy,
as could be, but free from everybody like a nobody.
got many hobby, love to party drinkin' coffee doin molly,
ya no one can stop me livin' societies fantasy with my,
family in reality happily, financially my banks,
reached max compacitie, so now i got three, ya im truly,
makin' history with poetry hopefully you notice, me ya
totally know its me when you hear me sing and you sing along,
keep it on and rock along, it will rock them all like a rocket,
takin' off 3,2,1 takeoff, were off this like pays off no lay offs, got,
a house with eight floors, life size game boreds, a race course i even,
got a race horse, gold floors, doors, drawers and more cause this family,
scores and shows no remorse, the definition of inspirations,
to this populations thats me, showin' that motivation, and,
determination can reach your dreams destination, ya with your 
dedication you can change your own stations, pages find your greatness,
become famous, travel to new places, i invite you to join the,
races, the races to greatness cause if you want it anyone can make it.

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 Hi Devin,

That is quite an introduction :) 


Welcome to Songstuff!  Glad you joined us. Have fun and all the best.



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Hey Devin,

Glad you found us. We have an active critique section with Rap Artists. Looks like you should check it out!
Head over to Forums, Critique, Hip-Hop Rap has its own section.


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Welcome.  I'm new here also and still exploring to figure out how everything works.  Best of luck to you.

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