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Hi everyone,

I'm a pop songwriter.  Live in the NYC area now.  Have been writing songs on and off for years.  Last worked with a few producers in Los Angeles when I used to live there.


My goal right now is to find a producer that wants to collab with me.  They send me the beats, I create demos with the ones I like (lyrics, melodies, vocals).  Ideally I would like to work with someone who is connected in the industry so that we can pitch the songs we make.  I'm not looking to work with producers that want to be artists, and therefore will try to keep the songs to themselves, or any shady characters.  Contracts will be drawn up for every song we work on.  My demos can be heard below.  Looking forward to hopefully getting some responses.



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Zarven Kara    1

Hey man, might be keen, have you got a website and some followers already? 





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I only have the link posted to my demos.  When I was writing I wasn't trying to get followers.  I'm not trying to be famous as an artist.  I just want to work on music and make a good living off it.

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