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How Does Songstuff Help You?

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Songstuff    58

How does Songstuff help you? Or how has it helped you in the past? Please share your story.


It is useful for members considering joining Songstuff to know if members find it helpful to be active members, and if so, how. Is it purely with writing music? Recording and production? What about marketing and promotion? In any other way, such as personal support? Was it site staff, or fellow community members?


Please go into as much detail as you can. Thanks!



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Rob Ash    476


I've been a member for like almost six years. I joined in 2011. I first started learning to record and edit my music at home in 2009. That one followed the other is not a coincidence. After much hard work, i was finally able to generate a full song production, beginning to end. On a scale of one to sucks it pretty much sucked, but it was a full song. I reached a point where I felt I wanted to hear real opinions on the songs I was making, before they were finished. I initially didn't give much thought as to whether I wanted to hear from listeners or musicians. I just went looking for places to be heard and talked about. Do you like it? Hate it? If so why? ...for either point of view.


I went looking... and found this place. A venue where musicians of all calibers and styles come to listen to original songs (and even a few covers...!...) and song ideas... to offer critique, get critique, and otherwise generally live and discuss all things music. Signing up was a given. To say I am glad I joined is an overwhelming understatement. Over the intervening time since I joined, I have posted my own song offerings perhaps 13, 14, maybe 15 times. Not every song I have worked on, but most of them, and all of my most important offerings for sure.


The commentary I have received from so many wonderfully talented, intelligent, and conversationally gifted members here has contributed directly and substantially to the quality of my work.    ...I am free to post anything, to go far afield and experiment. And I have. I have often reworked songs after hearing the comments on them here. My work is better, and my collaborations are more rewarding because of what I have allowed the fine core group of members here to contribute to my musical knowledge and experience via their amazing input on my work. I have also enjoyed listening to the work of others, and commenting on it.


Participation here is easy, positively encouraged, and welcome.


As a member in good standing here, I feel I am an acknowledged part of the community, with a reputation that reflects my own contribution to the site. And this is a place where achieving that status feels good. Feels meaningful. I think this is so in large part because the people who are members here are almost all serious amateur, semi-professional and even a few professional MUSICIANS. Not visual artists. Not promoters. Not marketers or advertisers... although many of them can and are all of these things and more... but MUSICIANS. And we all talk, and share, and grow here, together.


Newbies, and beginning lyricists, singers and players will be made to quickly feel welcome here.


In a word?


There is simply no other web site like this on the net.




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Rudi    570

I can ask for help here when I need it.

I do need it. I need to know about keyboards, production, mixing etc.


I need to ask because I can never find anything myself here. It may be because I am poor at navigating the site. I think its because the site is hard to navigate. Really both reasons are valid, because as a long standing member I ought to know my way around. But its also true that there are others like myself who cant find stuff as well.


Writing articles. A long time ago I wrote some music articles for SS. It made me check all the things I had taken for granted. As a result I consolidated what I knew, corrected what I assumed & became more informed.


I feel I can drop in at any time and listen to music I had never heard before. That's wonderful.

Most of all, this is a proper community. Its a place to share of bit of ourselves.

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Jenn    169

I don't remember how I found the website, but I really am happy I did. Most people in the real world don't know I make music as regularly as I do. Hopefully this will change with time, but this website allows me to put out these crazy ideas I have in my head without getting weird reactions. I find it easier to talk to strangers than people I know, but I feel like I've actually made some friends on here. It's because of all you guys that I figured out that music is what makes me happiest and, therefore, I need to continue to try my best for as long as I can. This is a community at heart: everyone is here to see each other succeed and help them in whatever way possible. 

I have also found some uber amazing music here and am constantly blown away by everyone's abilities and pure talent. Hell, some of the tracks I have listened on here sound more professionally mixed/mastered than tracks I have bought. Songstuff also allows me to listen to music critically, more so than I already do. With each track, I pick out specific pieces I like and don't like (production, instrumentation, etc.), and I think that's later applied to my own music. 

Really, this website has taken me in with open arms. I don't think I would have progressed as much as I have without this aspiration to create for and with a community. And I can only hope that one day I will be a fraction of how good some of you are :wub:!


I've said this before, but I'll never say it enough. Thank you for everyone who has listened to my tracks and offered invaluable input. Thank you for Songstuff for fostering a platform for my thoughts and the crazy ideas of everyone else on this site!


Thank you so much..[smiley=heartpump.gif]


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