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Summer Days    13

(Sung Softly)


All you angels

come to me

speak softly

devil's sleep

don't you sob

don't you weep

find your wings

he's fast asleep

devil's sleep


All you angels

blessed n' well

cloak n' dagger

no-one tell

se cre cy

angels oath

slice all strings

from devils grove

Whoa oh oh

demon seed

devils gloat

pushing down

angels throat


(Loud fast beat)

Yeah lovely angels

all come to me

Let's shout out loud

You Black Hearts Bleed

no sin for angels

to flee their cell

pour devils blood

into gates of hell

yeah gates of hell

gates of hell yeah

(Repeat V 1 n 2)

Come on angels

collect your wings

pack your bags

grab your things

moans n groans

ignore his needs

he's only human

all devils bleed

yeah devils bleed

Watch him bleed

in secrecy








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Servus    4

The only Bone you threw to us dogs was the cell.

Yet that's what enabled me to deconstruct it backwards from the chorus.

Which I might add is a f*cking powerful chorus!

Man I felt goosebumps reading that. The way it gave off that really secretive vibe like your a drug cult operating in the night in the shadows of your cell.

Made my skin crawl. Then the chorus comes in with this contrasting inspirational/ hostile energy. Good vs Evil. Courageous charge to battle. Then the murders during the night. 

This truly came from a dark place, and you can't imitate that. You either experience it or you don't. 

You've been through some f*cked up shit and I've never heard someone write a song about the relationships of different groups in prison. Nor the contrasting dispositions/intentions of cellmates. I've heard some similar shit in rap, but never this well written. This ones giving me a rock/metal vibe. Which i f*cking love.

Haven't heard this done before in a heavier genre. It really does it justice though. I can almost imagine that heavy beat coming in for the chorus. Making me feel ready for battle.


This is a great song mate. Hold onto it. I think its ready as it is for recording and arranging to fit some music. Perfectly arranged stanzas too. Do you have any plans to make it a demo track? Would you sing it? Do you need any help for the instrumentation...  Please don't hesitate to PM me if you have anything I can listen to. I believe in you. 

Thanks for sharing! I hope you write more songs about prison in the future. You have a way with words and lyrics.

Keep this post updated if you can. I want to see it turn to song.




Edited by Servus

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