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(Sung Softly)


All you angels

come to me

speak softly

devil's sleep

don't you sob

don't you weep

find your wings

he's fast asleep

devil's sleep


All you angels

blessed n' well

cloak n' dagger

no-one tell

se cre cy

angels oath

slice all strings

from devils grove

Whoa oh oh

demon seed

devils gloat

pushing down

angels throat


(Loud fast beat)

Yeah lovely angels

all come to me

Let's shout out loud

You Black Hearts Bleed

no sin for angels

to flee their cell

pour devils blood

into gates of hell

yeah gates of hell

gates of hell yeah

(Repeat V 1 n 2)

Come on angels

collect your wings

pack your bags

grab your things

moans n groans

ignore his needs

he's only human

all devils bleed

yeah devils bleed

Watch him bleed

in secrecy








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