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Hello! Please tell my what you think of my voice

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Posted (edited)

please tell me what you think of my voice! I will not take any offense to any criticism, including to my looks.

Edited by Melissa

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It's taken me a long time to accept that I don't need to ask others what they think of my voice. I would ask and I would get answers, both positive and negative. While the positive should have lifted me up, it still didn't feel like my question had been answered. And when I got a negative (which was greatly outweighed by the positive, amazingly), it would immediately take away all my confidence. 

I've been singing for about a year and a half now and I'm just coming around to appreciating my voice. Luckily you are young so you have so much time to get comfortable with what you have! Learn what it can do, and appreciate it. 

To answer your question, you do have a nice voice: you stay in tune, don't run out of breath, good timbre (overall natural tone of your voice). But a "good" voice is so much more than that. Really, it's learning the full potential of your voice, loving it, and just simply having fun with it.. Don't look to others for their opinions if you are truly happy singing. Your happiness will naturally come out and be received by those around you! 

Now, technically, your annunciation of vowels could be improved; most points it sounded like you were mumbling. Allow the air to flow through you, freely and consistently. Release the tension in your jaw, keep your tongue glued to the backs of your bottom teeth, and really emphasize the roundness of words. This will help clear up the words and should feel more natural.. 

I've taken some voice lessons, and this is what my teacher told me. However, I've spent amazing amounts of hours singing my heart out in my car and those were the times that I feel I've learned the most.


So... Just keep singing. Do what feels natural to you. Embrace it. And just keep doing it until it doesn't make you happy anymore (if that ever happens!)..

Good luck and really.. enjoy it :) 

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                      I could barely hear you... your holding back. I can see your lacking the confidence you need to sing well.

You have a nice voice.. but I'm sure it sounds a lot better when your singing to yourself alone. Don't be shy.. everybody

is scared or shy when it comes to singing, speaking, or just about anything.. in front of people we don't know. Listen, it 

takes a little guts to to work up the courage to sing comfortably in front of a bunch of people. But you will never know how

good you are or can be, if you don't try. And your voice like anything thats trained, will just continue to get louder, stronger,

and better as your confidence in yourself grows.  Just remember.. your as good as anybody out there.. work harder.

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Posted (edited)

Hi Melissa, the level that you recorded at was very low so it wouldn't be a fair assessment to comment on your vocal sound or skill at this time.


However, it did allow me to concentrate more on how you are presenting yourself and how I perceive you come across to an audience.


It is evident that you are reading the lyric to your right of your screen which has the effect of disconnecting yourself from your audience.


I would advise that you thoroughly learn a song so that you don't have to think about what you are singing. It is very important that a singer believe in the song that they are singing and if you believe it your audience will too. Remember that you are the channel that expresses the emotions in a song and conveys it to your audience.


Confidence comes when you know a song inside out and it gives you the ability to look your audience in the eye and tell them the story.


I look forward to the next video that you post Malissa so don't forget to check your sound level before proceeding. I think that you will receive some good advice on Songstuff and you will surely make improvements that will move you forward.


By the way, "You look fine"

Edited by Ray888
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You have a good ear because your pitch is pretty good. It sounds as if you are singing quietly. Even quiet, it sounds good enough to work for recording. Maybe even live?


You will probably find that later on, you’ll want your voice to project more. So it’s not a bad idea sing louder now. When you do sing louder, you will probably want to sing higher (ie: change key upward).

Singing through a microphone in a noisy venue, makes me sing at the top of my voice usually, but like most people, when I am at home, I tend to sing much quieter. I mention this because your surroundings make a difference you how you sing. It can come as a bit of a shock when you ‘have to’ sing loud.

You voice is pleasant. Much nicer than mine.

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Hi Melissa, I forgot to add that Barbara Streisand's voice was small but with a pre amped microphone she sounded phenomenal.


Having a small voice is not a hindrance, it's how you express and use what you've got is the important thing. :001_smile:

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