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Guest turlehugger

Recommendations for a Soft Voice?

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Firstly, I know that choosing a genre that you enjoy is extremely important. The problem is my natural voice is much more adept to singing Celtic tunes than rock or pop music. I mean, Celtic tunes are fun, but they're a few hundred years out of style. I struggle with producing the sharp or more "ting-y" voice pop fosters and the harsh and strong sound of rock. However, if I'm relaxed and warmed up, I can easily sing more classical sounding music, soft pop, hymns, some folk, and Disney soundtracks (as long as they're not mega soprano), though not very impressively. I'm currently untrained, but I do have a relatively wide range (about three octaves) and I have a good diaphragm from playing the flute. I just took note on exercises I could do and whatnot to improve my accuracy and flexibility.

To describe my voice, it's quite low (similar to Annie Lennox in pitch) and gentle with a kinda sweet, maternal (?) tone. I tend to slur my notes and words way too much, and I don't pronounce my consonants distinctly enough. One of my greatest struggles is projecting my voice and producing the right volume for a song. So much so, that when I belt for too long, my throat can hurt for days... which probably means I'm doing something wrong. Singing staccato is another struggle. I know that most of this can pass with time if I practice enough and sing correctly (which... yeah I don't have money for any kind of music lessons for vocals or flute :( ).


So... regardless of what I like, what genre do you think would match my natural voice as I described? I'd obviously pick something that I like to focus on, but it's nice to know the ideal so you can morph the two together. I know it's important to iron out my problem, which is why exercises are helpful.


I'm not really looking for a career in music; I just like singing.

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Hello, T-hugger. I like singing, too :)


I think it's probably better if you post a link to your singing voice here, so that we can try suggesting something. It's difficult to describe every aspect of one's voice with words... so might as well go to the source? You would, however, need to keep in mind that suggestions - even the most well-intended and helpful ones - are just a small part of one's effort to discover themselves. That's a lifelong process :)



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