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Heyo from Florida :D

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Greetings all,


My name is Jamaal "Key Jay" Ephriam and I'm very glad to be here!


A little about me I guess,

I've been doing music for a while now. I've been playing piano since I was 5, I do mostly music productions now (multi genre including but not limited to R&B, Rock, EDM, VGM, Orchestral, etc.), and I also play around with sound design. I also sing, voice act, mix, arrange (vocals too), fiddle with bass and drums, and a host of other things. Collaborations and new connections aside, I hope to learn more about production (perhaps even getting tips and finding tricks from other producers here), and maybe learn about different outlooks on music creation as well while I'm here. If you want to learn more about me, everything is on my site (in my profile since I don't think we're supposed to post them here ^_^)


Got a couple of projects in the pipe line and will be looking to this community for help along the way. Looking forward to interacting, helping, and collabing with you!



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john    1,416

Hi and welcome to Songstuff Jamaal!

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Thank you!

Great to be here :D

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