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cemkaan    1


Can anyone offer an genre for my song? How would you tag this song?

Also all honest reviews are welcome. Can I tag it worldpsychedelic experimental, world fusion ? Or anything else?

Did you like it_?

Gunes Sifa (Sun Cure)

Lyrics; is about balance in universe, balanced  sun light is cure in particular

Meter 7/8 5 minutes with first 2 minutes is 155 bpm last 3 minutes is 130 bpm

Key: E# min + Turkish Rast makam


  1. Drums
  2. Bass
  3. Acoustic piano
  4. Color instruments
    1. woodwings
    2. strings
    3. ambient guitars
  5. vocals



Thanks in advance

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crystalsuzy    83

Very cool sounds in this track. To me, it almost sounds like an Eastern spiritual chant, but because I don't know what the lyrics mean in English, it's hard to say.

But whatever the genre, I quite like it. Sorry I can't be of more help :hippy:

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Cool song. I would definitely add the tag "world" to it, purely because the vocals are not in English. "World fusion" also seems appropriate, as it sounds like it's a mix between traditional melody lines played on 'classical' instruments, with some modern synth sounds thrown in. I like the song. In terms of the mix, I think it sounds a bit dry for this type of song. Some subtle reverb would go a long way towards adding space to the mix.

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Fernando    39

Hi, very nice tune! I really enjoyed it. Thank you.

I don't know what the genre should be... I agree with @Will Sketches ideas, though.

I also agree with @crystalsuzy, it sounds to me like a grateful chant to the sun, mystical and charming, with contemporary shavings into the mix.



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