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Questions about music as a career.

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Tony00237    8

So I have been thinking about a lot of stuff lately and it's brought up a lot of questions I hope some of you could hopefully answer.


I understand that income is scarce but how scarce? Could you afford to eat and sleep somewhere at least?

What do you think separates those who make it and those who dont?

How long was it until at least a bit stable?

Did you have any side jobs and if so what?

Any advice for those interested in trying?



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john    1,411



it isn't easy. Yes a wage can be made, but it takes not just hard work, but smart work, built upon skills, musical and non-musical... and it will take a bit of trial and error to gain experience.... but that is to be expected.


what makes a difference? Viewing it as work, not just a hobby helps. A willingness to work on the unfun stuff that is necessary. The exact skills vary depending on your role. A jobbing musician requires similar though different skills to a singer/songwriter who is also an artist. Session musicians need different additional skills to actual band members, or members of an orchestra. 


The he ability to learn from others, and not repeat their mistakes or your own is useful. An ability to network and find and develop opportunities. A professional attitude, diligence, and loads of hard work. Find and develop contacts, make friends in the biz... the list goes on.... loads of stuff many musicians neglect.


Most musicians have other jobs, of all kinds... generally day jobs because most gigs are in the evenings. Flexible jobs help, though there is a balance to be had... more money comes in handy, but it usually comes with less flexibility, and more commitment.


Gotta dash, will try and get back and write something more...





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