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Richard Tracey    289
16 minutes ago, MonoStone said:

Website is looking good.


The about page seems fine to me... I can read it clearly, the background image looks good. A personal opinion - Maybe it lacks a bit of passion about the music and maybe lacks 'vibe' (for want of a better term), but it reads honestly and clearly and as long as it says what you want to say to listeners/fans then it's all good.


The only issue with the site is that all of your musical content is listed as a work in progress, so when you have some songs ready be sure to showcase them and maybe keep WIP stuff to a blog or something, one at a time, so that visitors can feel like they're being let in on whatever new tune you're developing.


As I start to finish songs, they will go on the site and I'll remove the tracks that are there. I do want to do a blog where I discuss a track I've just started and the evolution of the tracks to completion. I think that might be quite interesting.

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