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"Sunday Christian"

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tunesmithth    1,287


"Sunday Christian"

 Sunday...Sunday Christian

Fix it in a day

Sunday...one day Christian

Wash the sin away


Sunday...one day Christian

All around, you can see

Other…fellow Christians

Tryin’ seven days a week


Monday’s selflessly kind

Tuesday’s honestly fine

Wednesday’s caring concern

Thursday’s trustingly earned

Friday’s ripe with respect…and

Saturday’s love shines through


Sunday...one day Christian

Gives it just a day

Hopin’…it’s enough to

Keep the fires away


- Primary Vocal                                  - Secondary Vocal

Sunday...one day Christian                Could be you or me

Repeat                                                Harsh reality

Repeat                                                Hope to God we see               

Repeat                                                 Life as it could be


Copyright 2007 - Tom Hoffman

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symphonious7    206

I LOVED this.  I loved the feel, the lyric, the message, I'm not sure if the reason I have NO problems with this song is cause it's that good or cause I'm biased cause I love the message so much haha  But yeah I just truly dug that from start to finish, and I thought the lyric was pretty perfect.  You said exactly what needed to be said in a concise, poetic, to the point way.   Great song Tom!

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