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Website Thoughts...


I have envisioned the Joe Website as primarily a repository for LINKS. I want a link to the blog, links to the Soundclick sites and to ReverbNation, a link to the videos on YouTube, a link to CDBaby for online CD sales, and to the three (out of four) Retail Outlets selling the CD that have Websites of their own. I want some specific “click here for…” links, too, that can change regularly: “click here” to play a song, “click here” to play a video, and so forth.

There are some “un-linky” things I want the Website to do on its own, if it can. I want something people can click to sign up for the mailing list (name and edress is all I need, just like we’ve asked for at gigs). I want a photo gallery—though I’m starting that from scratch, since all the photos that were on old “Alice” are inaccessible since “Alice” died. I want to post the latest gig announcement, whatever that is, with its poster (since it’s become traditional to do posters). Some talk—separate from the blog, I think—about whatever latest “project” is being worked on. Sounds simple (except for the photos, of course). And again, except for the photos, it should be able to be done all on one “page.”

Something on that “page” needs to change every week; I’m not sure what, but it needs to be obvious. People need to know that every Sunday (say), if they check in, there will be something obviously new there. That keeps the “customers” coming back. Inactivity is death. Like Stan Good’s song says, “If it ain’t movin’, it must be lunch.”

There are a number of outfits (including my phone company) that offer free Web hosting on a small scale (and small scale is all I need). I’ve signed up at one (wix.com)—had to start somewhere. I will need to invest in a domain name, and need to put some thought into what that should be. A few years ago, I got given the domain name ”nakedspacehamsters.com” as a birthday present by Sharma Kay, but never used it (I did adopt the name for the blog, though—it’s “nakedspacehamsters.blogspot.com”). I probably want something more professional-sounding for the Website.

And what exactly am I advertising? Me? Deathgrass? Outside Services Ltd.? And if it’s me, which me? I do—or can do—rather a lot of things. Aside from having had a professional career before the economy disintegrated, I write—not just songs but plays and journalistic stuff, too, and I do graphic design work. (I have occasional visions of regaining that professional career, too.) Do I make things too confusing (or present myself as too schizophrenic) if I try to include all that stuff?

Got the computers looked at at Backscratcherz; “Justin” has to go back to the Dell shop (and the Dell shop folks told they didn’t fix the problem, whatever it was), the little HP laptop will get outfitted with Windows XP so it can be a square dance calling machine, and the Compaq got a replacement CD-rewritable drive (which I had on hand—I collect computer parts) that should render it finally usable. The Compaq needs a name—they all need names; I think I will call him “Luke.” Like his namesake, he could be a real Jedi someday, but right now he’s a little slim in the brains department. As Yoda said in “Sleeping Piggy”: “Post smarter.”

I sit down with the Mystery Songwriter tomorrow and find out who he is and why he considers my input important—and Wednesday I’ll pick up the New Family Marimba on my trip to Portland. As presently organizing, the marimba band has five members, and might get a sixth. We might be in a position to play concerts next summer. (And yes, I know at least one country-music song that can be played on marimbas. They ain’t just for that foreign music any more.)



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