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    Mississippi Dave
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    Lyricist & composer. Also created a few soundtracks for film/plays.
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    Last four songs to play on my shuffle --- Shine on You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd, Nettie Moore by Bob Dylan and Caravan of Fools by John Prine and Wolf by Now Now

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    I've been writing music since I was 12. Have probably amassed somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 songs over the years. I'm anxious to try to grow and improve through honest dialogue with the talented people here.
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  1. Hey guys! Back again with another cover. I basically just had some fun with this one, but also am attempting to get feedback on the overall sound quality? Tips/advice would be much appreciated. I have some new tools at my disposal and am planning to finally to put together a little DIY album here soon. This was kind of a test run with some of my new stuff to see what I could do with it and get my feet wet. Thanks for any advice/feedback/comments etc!
  2. Hey nicely done! A really sweet rendition that is all your own style! Soothing sound. I could see you turning other heavier songs in to something more mellow and laid back like this. Thumbs up!
  3. First of all that is a really wicked looking guitar! You did a great job on this one! The video was slick and well made. The sound was pretty dialed in on my speakers, although that is a really cool tip from John up there. I'm gonna go sub your channel man. Well done.
  4. Right now I am listening to an incredible musician named Maro ... Her voice is really different, and not typical at all. A lot of super interesting chords/ideas in her work. This is one of my faves from her...
  5. I haven't been around here in awhile, but just thought I'd stick this one up here for grins! Hope you all have been doing well out there! This tune popped up on my random Itunes shuffle the other day, and it really felt like a timely message based on this totally insane year we've been having in 2020... I took a lot of creative liberties with the original. But I'd love to hear what some of the musicians out there might think. I don't have professional gear on my recording ... This is the camera audio with a few little backing tracks to flesh it out. So my apologies for the sub-par audio... I'm very low budget and do this as a hobby. Anywho ...here is the song!
  6. Greg... I certainly agree with some of your points. But to play counter point a little bit.. Just because certain musicians, writers, and artists punch the clock and do the work doesn't mean the work carries the same inspiration or passion that it might have carried when they started out. So from that standpoint you can call it what you want... People do get burned out and locked up in their creativity for a variety of reasons regardless of if they're cranking out work or not. Bad habits and bad situations often contribute. But sometimes it is just a matter of losing focus, losing interest, an aging muse or any number of other possible reasons that a writer loses momentum. When that happens whether you're forced to crank out music for money on a deadline or not- It is important to try to do things to make it fun for yourself again. When you lose that inspiration it shows up in your music. The evidence for that is when working bands/writers/musicians put out material that is well below their ability or talent level often just to meet those deadlines you're talking about. And this happens all the time! We're all human and go through phases in our creativity. It never hurts to try new things to mix it up and keep it fresh.
  7. One thing that might help ... I don't know if you've ever heard of a book called The Artist's Way? It has a lot of great tips for people who are blocked with writing. But the same ideas can apply to playing. Even though you are blocked up right now or not motivated, maybe just for two weeks set up a music schedule. Like force yourself to follow it. Even if it is just 20 minutes a day of strumming around, and not working on anything specific. Just allowing yourself to get in to the habit of playing again might jar something loose for you. I think the trick is to not make it feel like work. Let yourself just play with no specific goal in mind. Try to reconnect to those days where picking up a guitar was just something you did for fun or to relax. Maybe you'll rediscover why you started playing in the first place? Hope maybe any of this helps a little.
  8. Dani- For me 70 percent of the time a song comes from plunking around on the guitar, and humming a melody that fits like you mentioned. Lyrics come afterwards. Or maybe some line will pop up out of nowhere while playing a sequence of chords. But the other 30 percent a song will come from writing and I don't always hear the melody. I love writing even if I'm not song writing so maybe that is why. Not sure... One thing I almost always hear is the rhythm of the lines though... Even if I don't have a tune right away, I usually sort of know how the words are going to be delivered. They have a bounce to them even if the notes aren't there right away... More often than not I hear the melody when writing though, and I'll be singing things to test how it will fit. Then I pick up the guitar, and edit. Some of the songs just seem to fall in your lap, and other ones you work your ass off just to get the first verse right. But to answer your q- I don't always hear it right away.
  9. But a lot of my favorite stuff is is all instrumental too so ... I dunno. I'm kind of rethinking it two seconds after I posted that. lol It's a tough call.
  10. I'm gonna go with lyrics overall... There are some great sounding tunes out there that I just can't get into because the lyrics are so predictable or crafted for turning a quick buck. I can sit and listen to guys like Bob Dylan and John Prine all day long even if they aren't really reinventing the wheel with their chord choices. Then again- I'm a huge fan of awesome instrumentation... I definitely agree that they both have their place. Just a song with good music and cliche lyrics is more likely to put me off than a song with great lyrics and so/so music. And even more than that - Lyrics can be well put together, but the content matters too. Like tunes that are all about sex just to be overtly sexual or bragging about how much money someone has or how badass they think they are just to be edgy, modern and sell records... Just no. I don't care how cool the music is. It seems fake to me and it's basically unappealing in every way. Not that I can't appreciate something cheesy or that everything has to be deep... Just superficial stuff generated for turning profit in particular (ie a LOT of what makes it big these days) isn't interesting to me. And a huge part of that is the words cause the music isn't half bad in a lot of cases.
  11. http://youtube.com/user/mississippidavemusic I'm going to try to go through this list and sub you guys asap. Look forward to hearing your music!
  12. The Ultimate Experience - The one that's kind of gold in the background with him standing there in red.
  13. Initially it was growing up in a musical family- Hearing my mom play piano especially stands out as far as childhood memories. I remember wanting to copy what she did, and messing around with the piano a lot. Then when I was 10 or 11 I went to my first rock show, and that was a major turning point! I wanted to BE them. I used to put on little concerts in my room using tennis rackets for guitars complete with flashlights taped to shelves and room decor set up to look like a stage. I'd make mix tapes of different bands I liked and do these crazy full length concerts. Wow- I haven't thought about that in years! Then when I was 13 or so I finally convinced my family to get me one of those Toys R Us electric guitars with the little built in speaker. Ran off of a 9 volt battery... 3 years later I bought a Jimi Hendrix CD right before this road trip to Ohio with my family. I remember feeling like I had discovered some kind of rare secret that no one else knew about... Listened to that CD like 3 times straight! I just instantly connected to his music. I'd say that's when I really starting digging in and trying to learn guitar instead of plunking around.
  14. Welcome to the forums mississippidave :) Please take time to make your FIRST POST to introduce yourself to our community on our Introduce Yourself board

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