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  1. CLEAR CHANNEL WINS… MOST LOOSE, TIME TO SUE??? Have you heard the news today, oh Boy! Clear Channel gets sued today for monopolizing live music venues, the radio stations, newspapers and concert promotions. Mean while (on the same Frigin day) the FCC is attempting to allow greater consolidation of all media. In other words they want the 3 newspapers, the local cable distributor and the 5 Radio Stations in YOUR TOWN to all be owned by the same dude (read: international corporation) This is insanity!!!! No, I’m not some crazy anti corporate blogger. I own a corporation myself. I just happened to believe that a small group of people controlling the majority of the media we are exposed to is a bad thing. Look at history. Consider this… Your band is up and coming, getting a greater fan base and growing into bigger venues. Then, when it’s time to move to, say a bigger 2000 person venue, Clear Channel tells you that you have to let them be the promoter, play in their venue, by their rules and pay to buy ads in “their” newspapers…. If you don’t do it… you don’t get air play on “their” stations. I’m all for a balance playing field but the FCC and Clear Channel are not. According to the Mi2N article detailing the suit, ‘The complaints cite a study which indicates that the rate of inflation and Clear Channel's rise in ticket prices is disproportionate. During the time when Clear Channel's consolidation of the industry began and its anticompetitive practices were implemented, ticket prices ballooned by 61 percent while the Consumer Price Index only rose by 13 percent.” How can that be good? I’m not going to tell you what to do but I highly recommend you consider what this type of behavior means for music, art and, for crying out load, the Amercian way. My 2 Cents, Brent http://www.audiosocketmusic.com
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