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  1. I scratch my head cause I am baffled by all these critics Where is ya credentials? You seem so opinionated Every one has a story but not everyone has a plan Who gave you the right to judge me When everyone left your ass in the gutter, I was there B.... I get it though you see me rising so you wanna spite me You see me elevating so you wanna automatic stop me No need for hate cause I built me You can try to tear me down but maya thought me Dr. Angelou's words encouraged me If it wasn't her I wouldn't believe how phenomenal I was, yes she is me But my destiny is highlighted Stars aligned me While the moon, is the only light I see. Reassuring that my ancestors that came before me Hover over me nightly They see my potential....but you here on earth all you do is discredit me.... Oh what joy you get when you see the tears I shed, That I can't make ends meet, at the thought of you all I can imagine is an imaginary bloodshed See my kids suffer is your desire Nah B, I protect themwith the life of me...keep on chanting Humming and singing B, Every day is a new day I stand firm in every way That my strength improves Regardless of your ill faded truth Nobody knows my struggle but me, That's why I'm encouraged by that beautiful black lady that I am me, so keep on rising....HS.
  2. Dazed and confused

  3. So emotionally filled, I love it. Great job
  4. Calling young girls still chasing that dream Keep on holding ...holding on for the team We have a new breed That's unlike we They feed off our knowledge while killing our dream.... They wear blood bottom shoes to stain our ego Giuseppe sneaker wherever they go We wear nikes as our regular flow They choose Versace, but wear Abercrombie..... We are the American dream But they are groupies Plauging the entertainment scene. Bad lucy What you up to Show me your plan And I will write you...

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