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  1. Hi John. Thanks so much for the thoughtful, detailed responses. All you said makes sense. I should have mentioned, by the way, that I'm in the US. I believe registering as a writer and publisher with ASCAP and/or BMI is sufficient. I could be mistaken but i believe so. Okay, so I state that the music is published by Imagination Publishing (pseudonym), and that should accomplish what I'm trying to accomplish. Question though, once I register my works with ASCAP, then my work is "Published", correct? I don't believe there is another step after that...
  2. Hi, I am new here. Thank you for the opportunity to join songstuff and ask a question of experienced people. My question: I'm a musician and composer with experience producing music, who is moving into music publishing with an eye specifically to film and tv. I've set up a website featuring much of my music, samples, whole songs, etc. I have a specific section intended for film and TV, for music supervisors, producers, indie filmmakers and so on... this section (obviously) features music available. Of course I have contact info as well. I have recently registered as a writer and publisher with a PRS, as well as set up my own publishing company. Once my works are registered with my PRS, I believe I have done what I need to in order to be able to license works for use in film and tv, is this correct? My question is, since I'm inexperienced, if I want to communicate to a visitor at my site that I'm set up in this way, with a publishing company, what would be the best way to express it? My music is good, but the site might just look like some kid set up a website with his music... I want to communicate that I'm set up to license and publish works. Can you help me word this in a way that will speak to such people? Or do you feel it's unnecessary? Thank you in advance for any help!
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