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  1. I agree with hobosage to get about going the software route for versatility. Much is going to depend on what you're looking for though. Do you want to gig with it? Are you mainly just needing a decent piano sound or do you need access to more instruments/sounds (and how realistic do they need to be)? Do you have a key size preference? How many keys? Weighted, semi, or, no? Hammer or synth action? Do you want an arpeggiator? Workstation? Drawbars for organ sounds? Editing capabilities? A lot of options out there. Regardless a few to check out... Yamaha Motif (realistic instrument sounds) Korg Triton Roland Vr 09 (inexpensive combo organ/synth/piano) Nord (expensive combo organ/synth/piano) Casio is okay The cheaper stuff like Williams is fine if you just need a couple sounds to get the idea across All of them can be used as midi controllers as well. Another idea would be to look into Band in a Box with Realtracks if you want a full backing band.
  2. It seems like a lot if disagreement over saying the same thing here: "Of course X is true but so is Y" vs "Of course Y is true but so is X" So, we can all benefit from knowing ourselves and accepting our limitations while still striving to improve and break out of our comfort zones. Cool?
  3. There's not a specific term for backing vocals that highlight or exclaim certain words of the lead singer, like what hype men often do in rap. As far as notating it, I'd just put in bold print or underline it.
  4. I'd change the chorus to something a bit more clever and fade out the ending quicker but the verses are a clever takedown.
  5. What chords are you specifically wanting to know about? Ie- a key of C will have C-Dm-Em-F-G-Am-Bmdim and the key of G has similar chords except the Dm is now major the F gets sharpened and diminished and the Bm gets undiminished. So if your progression just has these chords C-Em-G-Am, it could be in either the key of C or G (or their relative keys but nevermind that for now). That at least narrows it down to 2. The only difference between them notewise is F and F# so you can play a melody using all the other notes (abcde and g) freely and then decide whether the F or F# sounds best. That should give you your answer.
  6. I started just writing lyrics about 25 years ago but (out of necessity) have had to sing, learn almost every instrument, teach any willing friend how to play them, along with figuring how to make decent recordings with technology I barely understand (not even sure what to do with the tags in this post). So lyrics and basic song structure is still my primary focus and I think I'm aware of the weak spots in my songs concerning those qualities but I'm often at a loss how to specifically fix it. So if anyone hears a line that's just filler and can offer a better replacement, I'd be eternally grateful. Fyi, I write in whatever style the lyrics lead me to from slow country ballads to punk or wherever it guides me... but it's usually cynical or depressing. I'm not great socially, especially online so apologies if any critiques I make come across as harsh or rude. I'm not out to hurt or discourage anyone, just to relay my honest impression because that's what I need reciprocated.
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