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  1. Hi there, Your research study sounds fascinating, and as a fellow musician, I can appreciate the significance of exploring creativity and AI in music composition. I'm very interested in contributing to your study and sharing my experiences with the creative process. AI's role in music creation is an intriguing area, and I'm curious to see how it can enhance our work. Looking forward to seeing the outcomes of your research!
  2. I think there will always be a place for real human created music, but if you consider how much garage become radio hits I can definitely see AI created new music making it into the mainstream.
  3. Here’s my personal take on songwriting. I believe music is the one thing I can speak about confidently. So, here are some thoughts on creating good music, presented in point form for easier reading. A perfect example of Ed Sheeran and Benny Blanco writing "Love Yourself". Most hit songs are written quickly and involve a lot of luck. It’s about increasing your chances of writing a hit, not just trying to write more hits. Accept average work, write a lot, and equip yourself with the skills to improve your chances. I think most hit songs are written in less than 4 hours, with the main idea coming together in under 2 hours. This isn’t new if you’ve heard artists talk about it. It’s just my perspective. Luck plays a big role; writing a hit song is like a gamble. The main goal should be to improve your odds of writing a hit, not just writing hits. Improve your skills to better your chances. (Underline, highlight, remember this point!) Learn to read the situation better, know when to push through or pull back. Work on your music theory, write poetry, produce music if you’re into that. And write songs like crazy. This mindset takes the pressure off. Writing a mediocre song doesn’t mean you’re a bad songwriter. You just didn’t win that time. You might feel like you’re not getting the results you want, despite improving your skills. Keep writing. If you think a song has potential but don’t know where to take it, don’t give up. Accept mediocrity; just finish the song. You’ll learn something about song structure. Experiment with different layouts. Your pre-chorus could be you screaming into a trash can about your mental health crisis. Just finish the song. It might feel like a cop-out to write mediocre songs, but it’s better to finish them and move on. Those ideas will stay with you and help you in future songwriting sessions. It’ll make you a more resilient and adaptable songwriter. Writing a great song is like magic when everything falls into place. This is true for every good song I’ve written and what you hear on the radio. It’s surprising when it happens for the first time. Max Martin produces hits like clockwork, but this is true for Ed Sheeran, Julia Michaels, John Mayer, and many more. They talk about it in interviews. Have you ever liked a musician, and then they release a not-so-great song or album? You wonder how they could be so good one year and miss the mark the next. It’s because everyone is playing a creative slot machine. You won’t always win. I’m not saying it’s impossible to write hits in other ways. This mainly applies to pop, hip-hop, and mainstream music. Composing orchestral pieces is different. If anyone disagrees, I’d love to hear your opinion. I might be just a random guy on the internet, but I think there’s some truth to my theory. Happy writing!
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