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Hello - My First Post

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Hi all, I just came along this forum and thought I'd join. I'm from New England, not really a professional musician yet, but hopefully I can ramp up to that level. So, my name is Ocean, kinda strange I know, but you can call me Oce for short (just drop the second half).

I've always been interested in learning all types of instruments, but for the past couple years I've been focusing on percussion... all different types of drums. I like everything from the djembe to electronic beats. I don't really have a clear direction yet, but maybe this forum can help me find one.

As for listening, it really depends on my mood. I like classic rock, punk/garage rock, "indie" if that's even a real genre, freestyle-type rap with acoustic drum samples, and even techno on occasion. It varies a lot...



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Hey i'd like to have a name like Ocean, it's really unique! My name, Timothy is a pretty common name...

If you are into percussion instruments I have 2 that i'm trying to get that look like a blast to play, and sound really great aswell! A Tongue Drum and a Marimba are both very cool instruments.

Hmm well this isn't really a percussion instrument but IMO the piano is the simplest instrument to learn. Very difficult to master but nothing can be simpler then pushing a button, which that is basically what it is. I'm not picky with genres either, heavy metal and country are 2 types of music I thought I hated. But I eventually became more and more open minded I ended up loving some of the songs.

Seriously no pun intended but do you live near the coast line, the ocean? Just curious...


Welcome to Songstuff!

I will be looking forward to hearing some of your tracks :)


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