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Song Titles

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Haha, I was looking at some great song titles from a grindcore band that in my opinion shouldn't exist... Truly insulting stuff, but hilarious. I don't know if ellaborating on this will follow board guidelines, so I'll get serious right quick.

As far as song titles goe, it really annoys me when the title of the song is never mentioned in the song. If it isn't, it better be an instrumental or the title must be so random that it is amusing. I like some of the titles that math rock bands like the dilinger escape plan use just because they're mathlike and that's always interesting. Another weird preference I have for song titles is that title tracks of albums should be instrumental... I just like that approach.

One final thing that I like to see in titles are roman numerals and songs in groups like what Coheed and Cambria do:

The Willing Well I: Fuel for the feeding.

The Willing well 2: Fear through the eys of madness.

The Willing Well 3: The telling of truths.

The willing iv: The final cut.

They have usually one succession like that per album, some going up to 5(v).

Well, I guess I've rambled enough about stuff that most people probably dont/shouldn't spend time thinking about. Just comes with listening to prog stuff.

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Song titles are one of the key hooks in a song. I thought it would be interesting to build a list of existing great song titles, look at how and why they work etc.

So, what song titles do you think are great examples?



Any time I think about the title as a lyrical hook I am reminded of Mac Davis' 1972 hit Baby Don't Get Hooked on Me. It is an excellent example of the title as a hook. Mac Davis is said to have gotten the idea for the song from instructions from his publisher to write a "hook" song. He did and it was a big hit. Click on the link and listen. The most powerful hook is the repetition of the great title but almost every musical element of the song is repeated enough to give it a hook quality. Listen to the drums, the simple riffs, and the ear candy fills repeated though-out the song.

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