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First Post/please Listen To My Recordings!

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Hello! My name is Rich, I've been an amateur musician for 10ish years now. I'm no expert at anything in particular, but I can play guitar, bass guitar, a little drums, and I'm pretty good with software (I'm a computer engineering professional, amateur musician). I was in a band back in high school, we did original material in the style of 80's metal. Lately I have been into a lot of post rock stuff (Godspeed you Black Emperor, Explosions in the Sky, etc.).

My equipment consists of: my MacBook, a couple bass guitars, an acoustic and an electric guitar, a old drum kit, a Zoom H2 "hand recorder" mic. I've spent the last few months making recordings of just instrumental stuff that is mostly original. I would love some feedback on it, please download and listen to my mp3's!


If you can only listen to one or two, try Forgiveness or The Plans Fell Through Blues, those are my favorites.

I would love feedback, and also maybe some ideas for expanding this into a more complete project, as these are sorta just demos. I would love to hear what other people's experiences have been with working with other artists over the internet, that is something I could see myself doing.



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Hi Rich

Welcome to Songstuff! :)

We have review boards for feedback (lyrics or songs), one song per topic (makes it easier). If it's a song remember to post up the lyrics, they make a handy reference and are usually part of the review. Just look under the "Creativity" tab at the top of the board listings :)

Good to have you aboard!



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Hey Rich,

I listened to Forgiveness. I'd have to say that my first impression is that the song is pleasant. You have a pretty good understanding of the recording process and the instruments don't fight much with each other.

The mix is a little "boxy." Too many low-mid frequencies in the bass guitar are a culprit. You might want to scoop some 250 to 400 Hz out of the bass and then boost your kick drum a bit.

In general, I'd lose the brass and play that part with a guitar or synth. It sticks out to me - I liked it at first but it needs more musicianship. The long legato notes don't have much flavor.

I'd say that since you have a really good idea of the recording process, you might want to focus on going for a more unique sound. Just a suggestion... maybe reverse a part, add some fills, special effects, guitar solos, vocal samples, loops, ect.

Just a little more sizzle. Other than that, good stuff!

Anyway, what kind of monitor speakers/headphones do you use? Are you mixing in a square or rectangular room with parallel walls?

Thanks - Rob

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Hey Rich,

Welcome to Songstuff!

I checked out Forgiveness and The Plans Fell Through The Blues. You got some great songs going on there.

The first one had a good riff, and I actually loved the bass. Usually I don't care for the bass cause it doesn't really stand out, it usually just blends in with all the other music. But I thought the bass was good in this song. If I were to make a suggestion I would either add some singing and lyrics to this, or make it shorter. Cause it was a little bit repetitive. But if you had a singer I think it would be alot better ;)

The 2nd one... I loved the drum/bongo beat, and the riffs reminded me of grey daze. Which is one of my favorite bands! Once again I think if you added some singing it would put everything together :)

You got talent! stick with it!!

You'll get more reviews if you post each individual song in the Creativity/Instrumental section!


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