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Map on the back, easy to read font. Black and white is cheap but often looks crap. Colors and images should be consistent with the musical style you play. Clear dates, band name, venue/record all the info. good to add a web address to get further info and a place they can sign up for your band newsletter.



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John has some good points. I would like to know more about it.

What kind of flyers are you shooting for? Pass out or post up?

What kind of Music?

How many bands?

Get a gander of the flyers the venue uses. Not to copy, but to use as a baseline,...unless they're crap

Color, glossy if you can afford it. We used glossy 4x6 flyers that had the Band name biggest, venue next size down, all the bands listed.

Give us some info, maybee we could help design something

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It's for a gig in a pub round central London (http://www.crucialmusicclub.co.uk/gigs2.php), so I was thinking to give out as many flyers as possible in the area. I might try giving flyers outside music venues for like a week before.

The gig is for my solo project, with full band. The kind of music is a slight issue as it's hard to pigeon hole. It's basically pop and rock, with some elements of jazz and reggae. It doesn't sound super progressive though, it all works, but it's quite hard to define. I'm thinking to just describe it as pop/rock, and let the rest come as a nice surprise.

There should be 4/5 bands on, the other two that are booked already are myspace.com/menandgods and myspace.com/tigersofrushmore.

I checked out the venue's flyer, it's pretty poor http://www.crucialmusicclub.co.uk/flyerD.php?DN=10301

I've found a site with really cheap printing (saxoprint.co.uk). I could get 2000 glossy double sided A6 flyers printed for about £35, or A5 flyers for about £60.

I might even try to get some people in to do some flyering on the day for commission. The venues offering £2 per flyer if you bring 40 people, so I could go on gumtree and offer people £1.50 per response to flyer. Just an idea. I'm willing to spend as much money as I'm going to get back, or even a bit more. At this stage I'm playing for promotion, not to make money.

My bass player is quite a talented artist, so I might see if he wants to have a go at drawing something by hand. Could then scan it in and use printed text. Or I could go for a comic touch with a picture of me with a cheesy thumbs up and the caption 'Come to my gig!' on one side, and the details on the other. The options are endless.

I could even try and co-ordinate something with some of the other bands. The capacity of the venue is about 200, I'd love to fill it up.

How many extra people do you think 2000 flyers could bring in?

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mention my band and get a free drink with this flyer and paid admission [smiley=bounce.gif]

Make sure the other bands put you on their flyer. We used to team up with the other bands, get more flyers, get more spread. Just circle your bands name on the flyer so they know where to put the ducets

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Here's what I've come up with:



I'm quite happy with it as an amateur effort. I'm gonna send it off to the printers unless anyone suggests some amendment.

(It's come out blurry on photobucket, the files are too big.)

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