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Seems Like Rock Bottom...

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I was introduced into music when i was 5 years old. Piano. Well about 10 years later i started playin the drums and guitar. I loved it....it was my life. I joined the military after high school and got right back into it after boot camp. So to cut to the chase...Ive been in bands, played open mics and try to play everyday....but the truth is that im not into it like i used to be. It seems like a chore to practice or to play. Deep down inside i know i love music...but i cant get back into it. I have always wanted to Be a solo artist as an acoustic player....i tried it once, the music was fine but the people said it was god awful singing. So that kinda got me down. What do you think is goin on with me? is it time to set everything down? or is this a phase? Id like to hear if you have ever had anything like this happen to you. [smiley=drums.gif]

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Welcome to Songstuff! :)

It could be possible you are looking to force it, rather than enjoy it. I have had similar periods in my life and I found 2 things that help:

the challenge of learning something new(instrument or style)

playing with lots of other musicians

The fact is that both new styles and new people to exchange ideas with helps to inspire you, and the joy of being creative...

Might be worth a try :)



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Seems Like Rock Bottom...

Sounds like a song title, roll with it [smiley=bounce.gif]

yeah, we all have downturns.

John had some great ideas, sometimes introducing something new can spark the fire.

the music was fine but the people said it was god awful singing.

you might try finding a singer, or just take it from a different angle, it's not easy to find your singing voice, it takes time and can bee violent to the people within earshot, but as Chief DanGeorge says "endeavor to persevere"

do you have any recordings? Maybee we can help

Welcome to Songstuff [smiley=bounce.gif]

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