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Describe "your Style"

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Do you have a style or styles of writing? (some people write in many, but most I think tend to have a defined approach, and or goals, if not a style they consider their own)

If you were trying to accurately describe your works to an interested person, but couldn't illustrate it, couldn't let them hear it, how would you describe it to them? Do you have goals? A sound? A method? blah blah...

This might seem like a strange question but I'm interested in how writers see themselves and the works they are creating, how defined that is or not etc...



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I was asked once to describe my music in one sentence. I told 'em, "Happy, upbeat, uptempo songs about death, lost love, betrayal, religion, and dead animals." Style? I tend to eschew style, but I guess you could call it very traditional country--Hank Williams, say, without, well, the Hank Williams.

That help? I figure it maybe confuses people enough so they'll listen...


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My music ends up sounding like classical/instrumental. Some of it's ambient (not usually) and alot of it's mood music. Stuff that you'd almost hear in a movie or a videogame ???

At the point in my life I was obsessed on writing lyrics I think has come and gone though. That's not to say my love for writing has died down. I now write alot of short poems... most of which are haiku's (131) and limericks (11). I find it's much easier to write short poems that way you are not constantly rewriting it again and again.


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Thus far I've only written sacred choral music. In a way I have it easy in that the subject and sometimes text are somewhat defined for me. I see what we need and I fill it. The creative part is finding the right feel for the event. For example, I wrote a Magnificat a couple of years ago and because Mary was Jewish I wanted to give the song a Jewish feel. It came off sounding vaguely like a hora which added to the enjoyment of singing it. And last year for Christmas Eve I wrote a piece that essentially was a lullaby so the music fit that style.

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