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Need Some Help With Music Theory Plz.

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I've been playing guitar for about 3 years and im all self taught, i play a lot of heavy metal but im also open to many other forms of music. I wanted to start learning music theory, because i always find my self stuck playing the same stuff when im creating music. I can't make up good technical stuff. So I was wandering if you guys could tell me where to start off or what helped you to develop your skills better. Thx.

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Hi Brett, Welcome to Songstuff [smiley=bounce.gif]

Start by reading the Songstuff Guitar Articles

but my main advice is:



If you hear a riff and think "I wonder how they did that" don't let that thought just fade away, figure it out, Learn it, know it, add it to your toolbox! [smiley=rockin.gif]

Most folks I know worth their salt practice 3-4 hours a day, everyday. Wanna go to a party? Naw, I gotta go practice.

Woodsheding it's called by some...

There are articles here on scales:

Learn scales, learn them backwards, learn them up three notes, then down two, then up three more.

Lessons can ease the learning curve dramatically! I'm self taught, my Brother on the other hand took lessons and sailed right by me. We played and listened to the same stuff, he just got better faster! Consider it!

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yeah, I figgered that from your name...Thanks for your service!

When I don't have access to my Guitar I still try to figure out how stuff is played. After three years I imagine you have a grasp on the standard metal riffs and can see the moves in your Mind as you listen.

Here it is,...wait for it....



I use it as a legitimate form of practice, sure I look like someone out of Wayne's World, but it helps. I play Drums on my Steering wheel on the way to work. Keys on the dashboard. It helps!

The key is not just jamming, but actually trying to get it accurate.

Mark a stick with fretts and play that. Use it to practice scales or figure out riffs

What kind of Music do you/can you play?

What kind of stuff would you like to learn?

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Umm i listen to all kinds of rock. More heavy metal i guess. I'm really open to any kind of music, I can make up heavy metal stuff but when it comes to making up like solo's and technical stuff like creating a unique rift I can't seem to find the right notes. I started learning some basic chords and trying to learn the scales and stuff in the scales tutorial section here, but its confusing to me. I've never studied music theory before.

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Welcome to Songstuff!

If it is any consolation it does take time to soak in for most people.

there are places online you can get information about music theory that may help, but you might find that individual questions about the bits you aren't sure about would get you some good answers on the boards. :) It's a massive subject.

Learning theory is certainly useful, if only because it can help you communicate with other musicians on those times that you don't have an instrument. I studied music theory when I was younger and it has been very useful over the years. Most things I do by ear now and have done for a long time, but like playing more, learning theory can open doors for you creatively, technically and in employment (such as session work).

In particular heavy metal is very scale oriented. Understanding key is important as is timing. All good stuff.

So.... in terms of concept, where do you have problems? Or is it something specific you have difficulty with?

Like John I'd recommend both lots of playing and some study of at least basic theory. Understand key, chords, scales, rhythm and timing at their basic level at least. Talk about it with others (on these boards or elsewhere). For me, appreciating that everyone who comes to music faces the same issues made it easier to talk without feeling like a complete idiot! :) It's not straightforward or easy.

If you haven't already, maybe drop a post in the Introduce Yourself board and tell us all about you and your music etc. :)



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Thx john, Hmm lets see I guess I dont really know where to start learning music theory at. I read some of the articles here but i dont see how to use the scales and chords to create music. I've learned the Cmaj scale and the notes on the fret board, I've been practicing using basic chords, Em, E, C, D, G, ect. I dunno maybe as i get more familiar and start practicing more with it, it will just come to me. By the way i play a B.C Rich guitar (Warlock) with a half stack Behringer, V-ampire LX1200H head. It is my first big amp i have bought ($500).

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to Bee honest, I can't make heads or tails out of it either.

Give me a day and I'll do an article along these lines.

Start with what you know. If you use three stings to make a "Power Chord", what you are really playing is the root, the third, and the fifth notes of that particular scale. That is what the R,3,5 means... stay tuned and I will bee back with some tutorials for basic practices.

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its confusing to me. I've never studied music theory before.

This is why you need a teacher, Private First Class Brett.

It's all very well being self-taught - I'll bet that most of us here are - and it's something to be proud of.

But whenever the time comes when you want to get further quicker, then a teacher can save you time.

You can also get misunderstandings (what's all this root. 3, 5 stuff ?) cleared up on-the-spot.

Learning is such an individual thing that it works better with a little individual attention.

It can prevent you making blind mistakes and chasing unproductive directions.

And should also give you the basic shared vocabulary to make books and articles on the net more intelligible.

If you had somebody else who knew a little more at you elbow, for instance, who knew what was going on, I'll bet they could clarify that problematic diagram for you in a couple of seconds. Wouldn't surprise me at all if you had someone like that in your regiment, right there, wherever you are. Stick an ad up - see what happens.

Funny thing - I know a few people who joined the army so that they could become musicians.

It worked, too - there is a wealth of talent and resources somewhere nearby.

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