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Who chooses the songs? With a price point that low, musicians will really get screwed over.

Introducing new platforms or delivery mechanisms is a nifty way of re-selling catalogue that's already in the library. It appears to have become the dominant revenue strategy of the last two decades. And this seems to be a new way for which the target market is already wired-up, so to speak.

I think the sweet essence of the model is that there is no need to roll-out any new platform - they're banking on the fact that every kid already has a cell-phone - so they don't need to sell players - and the user won't have to switch formats much more than slipping a new card into the slot.

So delivery is sorted.

And, with rule numero uno in the music biz being that the artist doesn't get paid (with a few exceptions), the promised price-point suggests there may be enough take-up momentum for some serious take-off.

Seems a beezer wheeze to me - ripe and ready for exploitation - you wonder why nobody already thought of it before.

Content will always be an issue and always has been in any media.

(Except where I'm in charge of it, of course.)

I believe they will adresss it.

But then I don't have a cell-phone anyway.

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Thats just great:

"But look at the price point – 1,000 songs for $40 – or 4 cents a song. Compare that to Apple's 99 cents a song, and you realize that this could really shake up the market."

I tell you what, sod paying any money to the people who actually make the music any more. lets just make sure we cover the cost of the hardware and marketing and give the shareholders a nice dividend.

how much more does this industry want to shave off artists and bands income? This kind of cost per track will be the final nail in the coffin of good music. It'll turn it into a machine churning out random songs with random sexual references and nonsensical raps. True creativity and musical genius will be demoted to small circles of fans and deemed as "weird" by the consumerist masses. Oh wait.. thats whats happening already... :)

I guess my point is.. they should stop reducing the cost of music. There. :) Another desperate move by the majors! yay!

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