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Hi Everybody (^__^)

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Hi everyone and thank you for allowing me to post.

My name is Justin and I am a struggling/out-of-work rapper/producer from Miami, Florida. I've been attempting to break into this industry for the past 5 years and have failed miserably in most aspects (having attended numerous courses and rejected internship opportunities as well as label rejections, etc. not to mention getting ripped off at studios 8) )

I usually write/compose rap-metal/nu-metal/melodic metalcore songs as well as hip-hop beats/lyrics, some dance music, powerpop ballads, song remixes, classical pieces such as mini-symphonies and I also do a lot of Midi programming via the sequencer. I used to play the piano but haven't done so in a VERY LONG TIME :D .

I'm hoping to meet some new friends, connect with some people, learn more about music, and hopefully start my music career somewhere...

I've posted some original works as well as some remixes for you guys to hear. Hope you like it. I apologize in advance. I haven't been very lucky and many of my pages don't seem to function properly.

For remixes/remakes, it's these 2 pages



For original jingles/tunes/melodies


For original songs composed/performed by me


Enjoy! Hope you guys don't mind giving me some pointers as to how I could get started with my music. I would really appreciate any help, advice, work opportunities I can get at this moment.

Thanks again and nice to meet you all!! :D

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Hola Korniceman and welcome aboard!

You sound like an interesting person (not meaning that in a bad way) I am looking forward to hearing your stuff. I don't believe i've noticed any other rappers on this forum so this will be pretty cool for some more variety :) I'll check out some of the links you showed us and i'll try my best to tell you what I think. I'm not sure what your music/rapping sounds like but nu-metal/rap metal/hip-hop are the genres of my favorite band Linkin Park. So I like where you are coming from...

Anyways, hope i'm not rambling on too much :P

Welcome to Songstuff!


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Hey I checked out some of the links. You got some really cool material, very unique! I especially liked the last 3 Classical, Gypsy and Secrets. I love that sound/instrument in Classical. I could be wrong but I think it's called Pizz. String. I got a setting on my keyboard that sounds very similiar and that's what my keyboard calls it. I like Gypsy for the upbeat, latin like flavor. Secrets was really cool, kind of mischevious and dark cause of the piano but rockish because of the metal sound. Do you intend to have rapping over these beats? I'd really like to hear them if you do, Drive sounds like it could easily go into a rap song.

Anyways some really cool beats!

Keep on writing and composing!


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Hi Timothy and Mr. Smueske (^__^)!

Nice to meet you all! Awesome! Another Linkin Park fan! That is basically the type of music I'm mostly influenced by alongside drumbeats from Dir en grey, Mudvayne, Slipknot, and guitar riffs like those of Sevendust and Killswitch Engage. You're definitely right on the money about the song Classical (^__^) I was using a series of Pizzicato strings as highlights. The song Boom was actually the only one I had intentions for rapping. Most were an attempt at usage for commercials and classical was an effort I made in hopes of it's usage in a baby commercial for Pamper's or for Cottonelle but that failed miserably...

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classical was an effort I made in hopes of it's usage in a baby commercial for Pamper's or for Cottonelle


That's funny a baby commercial. It's cool though cause I could actually see that working out really well. Wonder why it failed so misserably you'd think they'd atleast consider it ???

Well I don't know I think they all have potential to be beats in rap songs. Gypsy probably having the least potential, do you call these beats complete? or are they just a rough start? IMHO opinion I can't really see them as being just "instrumentals".


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LP kind of lost it's metal sound after the second album... They don't seem to be the same band anymore...

Well is what I heard is that they wanted to do something different cause alot of people critized them for having songs that all sounded the same (which I think they all sounded different). So I guess they wanted to prove they could do other styles of music. I personally love the new album, Mike has an awesome singing voice!


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