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Hi everyone!

I'm quite new to this business but a wanna be professional songwriter. My problem is that I'm not that good with the technical stuff. I'm more of "guitar and paper block" kind of guy. So I did some Googleing on music demo production and found this site mydemoproducer.com

Anyone who has tested getting your song produced by them? The examples sounds good but it would feel much better if I could get some feedback from others who have used their services before ordering.

Thankful for all tips regarding this subject!

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No sorry, never used them and I doubt many others will have as their site was only registered on 11th February 2009. I couldn't find them with google except by searching specifically for that domain, and it's very unlikely that Google would have really indexed them yet.. you sure you aren't connected? ;) (yes the boards get spammers kidding on they aren't connected with something when they are!) If you are the post should be in the advertising board. :)

I'm puzzled about what you need that they could give you.... if you don't play your music, do they write the melodies for you? Do the recording for you? Tweak your recordings? You give them your home recorded vocals and guitar recording and they build a production around it?

For my money I'd prefer to hire a local studio and musicians, producer so that I could directly input to the tracks on a musical level. The studio engineer and producer still get to take care of the technical stuff, but I'm there directly to influence the musical aspects. In the current climate I would imagine you can get some excellent deals too.

Just my two cents...



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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

(these were just meant to be question marks but that damned emotican monkey got involved again)

I too have been experimenting with the old paper block! I whack the strings with it with malice aforethought sometimes!

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