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Weekly Challenge

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There has been talk on these boards of competitions and contests to get the grey matter working etc. We have therefore decided to open up a 'Weekly Challenge'

How it works.

Each week a 'Host' will decide on a subject. This can be from a newspaper article, a Photograph, painting or anything the host decides! We then, as brilliant songwriters and lyricists, write and submit a song/lyric/poem whatever? relevant to that particular subject, within the week.

Each week will require a different 'Host' so names will be listed here in this thread. If you would like to be on the list? Please reply by clicking the 'Quote' button and add your name under the last entry inside the quote tags.

If you choose anything that you do not own the copyright to, i.e. a newspaper article, painting or photograph, please only supply a link to that particular choice.

DO NOT POST COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL in your thread. It will be removed.

If you are unsure about something, please contact a member of staff.

The weekly challenge is to get us all thinking and writing. There are no prizes.

Each contributor should comment on each contribution from others.

This is not a critique thread. If you want a song/lyric critiqued, post it in the appropriate forum as well as in the challenge thread.

Entries can be full songs with music, or just a lyric or poem, or indeed any other artistic form you might decide is appropriate to the topic.

Good luck! And have fun.

The first weekly challenge will start on Monday April 5th. And I shall be the host!

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I'm fairly new, and this thread is fairly old, but if this ever starts back up, I'll give it a try! ;)

Although, I'll warn now - I sometimes have trouble writing about things if I don't feel them.

Saw the last onme was from June, and not many replies, so I figured I'd mention my interest here - I think a few of the other newbies would likely give it a try to - although I sometimes need more than a week - every 2 weeks (or even a month) might work better for me :D.

I think the Pheonix Coyotes would make a good topic right now seeing that Betman thinks the NHLs $160 million to keep a team in a market that is failing is worth more then Mr Blackberries $240 million to put a team in a successful market!!!!

Reason - Betman doesn't want to upset Toronto ownership by allowing another team so close, that would sell tickets at a reasonable price opposed to Torontos ridiculas prices! Could also hurt Buffalo (although Buffalo is nothing to do with Betmans agenda).

I think it's ridiculas that Betman took all the Canadian teams away, and than changed the policy so smaller markets would get help.

Where was the help when Winnipeg and Quebec needed it?

Both Winnipeg and Quebec can easily support a team, but both needed new arenas - both moved to the states.

How many California teams make money?

How many unsuccessful franchises does Betman need in the US before we can bring hockey back home where its appreciated?

(I'm Canadian, I love hockey when I'm not dreamin - lol, I don't hate anyone, but I dislike Betman quite a bit, or at least I dislike his ideas.)

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On a few occasions we have run weekly lyrics or song challenges to varying success. There are some threads in the lyrics board and in the songwriting workshop etc. I no longer have enough time available to run them as I used to (The site grew which needs more time all around), and those who have tried haven't stuck with it long enough to grow it. It takes members to take part, and time to grow awareness and interest, and a willingness to promote the challenge to the members.

So if someone would like to actually RUN the challenges, and would be committed to it (existing staff need not apply as you are WAY too busy :P) drop me a line and we can talk it over :) You can of course do something on your own, but by talking to me about it we can discuss how the site can support the effort...



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