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Hello. My name is Tom and I'm from Manchester, NH, USA. (Don't blame me, I was born here!) Just clowning, I'm simply a guest on Earth like everyone else.

I have been involved in music since I started playing the drums in 1976. I have been writing lyric and poetry since around then as well. I don't know how many I've written... probably upwards of 300 to 400. I probably have held on to about 200. (I don't count them!) Most of them I'm suddenly driven, (or channeled,) to write... "Lullaby" came to me strongly in this way. I wrote "the Tree Song" (in about ten minutes,) on a paper bag out of some sudden inspiration. I don't believe inspiration comes from our minds. In fact it seems to come best when we quiet our minds. After all, how can one "create" something the mind has no prior knowledge about? Where does insane (out of the norm,) theory come from? "We are not the center of the universe? That's crazy talk!" I might write two in one day, 5 in one week, or none for 4 weeks... I never know. But if given a topic, I can usually write one in one day, sometimes in minutes.

When I write it just flows out, from somewhere. I have no clue from whence it comes, but I'm grateful it does. It can be quite rewarding, internally, whether shared or not.

I am 51 years old, and have recently been through hell, with an insane illness. I lost everything I thought mattered, but gained enlightenment, (to some degree I hope,) as a result. I am very spiritual, but totally against religion. If I had to, I'd say the Native Americans were closest to the truth, but even they limit the Creator, Spirit, God, the purpose, intent, love, joy, peace, GLUE, that created all that is, and isn't (the space for it to exist,) which is a part of me,(my spirit,) and I a part of it. Meditation confirms this powerfully for me. (Enough said.)

I hope this place is substantial, and I can make some solid connections, in the form of friends here...

We'll see.


PS I wrote this this morning... I'm not a "dark" person, in fact I'm quite content, but it doesn't always come out that way...

Existential arrogance

All the difference much the same

Mine beats yours a crazy game

A microcosm who’s right who’s wrong

Born that way or in a chosen song

If you take part you better go along

Take down the weak now

And curse the strong!

Arrogant circles where you must cram

Follow the leader and slay the lamb

Insanely chanting he’s our man

But the leaders done now out on the lam

Blind senseless followers now in command

Lost righteous defenders of the plan

Aimless goals

Aimless demands!


Existential arrogance a human flaw

The need for comfort need to belong

The world explodes now from your violent caw

It won’t be long ‘till we’re all gone

The children cry as we roll on

The babies cry as we roll on

The mothers die as we roll on

We lost our sight when we rolled on

There’s only madness to this song

Only madness to this song

You don’t fit here unless you show

Programmed philosophies in the know

Now play your part take the rest all down

Weed out the sorry for God and man

We’re the puppeteers and you’re the clown

The stink of righteousness brings the whole world down

Can be no dark in this white lit town

The fear of difference just goes round and round


Gangs’ religion politics

It’s all the same now, make sure you fit

Christian, Muslim, KKK or any click

Grab up the sword become part if it

Pledge to your country

Pledge to your shtick

You simply must belong

No need believing it


So few fit here in this mold we made

Look at the sick, see the depraved

We’re on a mission we dig the graves

God’s thunder falling, His blessing gave

A power to us and so we rant and rave

Forced morality by our measuring stick

Our way the only way

That’s all there is to it!


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hi Tom

Welcome to Songstuff :)

Feel free to post lyrics for critique in the lyrics critique board, though it would be appreciated if you could take time to crit some of the work posted by other members... blah there's guidelines on using that board posted at the top lol



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