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Why Are Some Topics More Popular To Write About Than Others?

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I've been listening to a lot of music lately and I've been paying attention to the subject matter of each song. I've noticed some trends. When it comes down to it the majority of songs are about one of the following subject matters:

1) Love

2) Sticking it to the man

3) Not following the crowd

4) Sex

5) Drugs

6) Individuality

I'm thinking this maybe more of a reflection of what kind of people artists are more than anything else. Musicians are most of the time egotistical people and 5/6 of these are selfish endeavors. So maybe that's why these subject matters are more favorable to be written about than anything else?

I know most of you are going to point to the emotional connections behind these subject matter as the reason why they're so written about. But what about intellectual connections within music? Why is that so frowned upon? You can say it's less personable, but do people really need a song to be personable in order to connect with it? Is music ultimately a selfish endeavor?

This was terribly formatted I know, but I would like to get a discussion about why you think these are the trends and why other subject matter aren't trends?

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Would it not be because most of these are what would be viewed in other parts of the arts as universal themes - love, peace, friendship, man's inhumanity to man, conflict, pleasure etc

Songs no different to poetry and literature (or dance) in their ability to communicate these underlying themes. Popular soaps and the mass of TV and cinema entertainment is similar

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You want to relate to your audience, and you need to have emotion. Those are the biggest factors when picking a subject, and that can lead to all the topics you mentioned in the OP.

I'm more about recognizing problems, finding common goals, unconditional love (as oppose to the more traditional love we have that always comes with conditions), a better future, unity, against all forms of seperation (including war, nationalities, religion, strong beliefs, etc..) - I dream, and my lyrics are free thoughts without boundaries. I'm all about opening eyes and freeing minds.

However, when I get going deep into some meaningful lyrics, I still need to relate to the audience, and hook them, before I can expect them to think ;)!

The meaning behind my lyrics, and getting others to ask questions, are both much more important to me than making money off my lyrics.

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