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When I've Got Something To Say, You Could Never Stop My Voice In Any Way.

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My handle is JJ3 and I am producing a series of spoken word videos with all original spoken word or lyrics. Some of my writings are not meant to be songs, however others are. Here are the lyrics for one of my favorites. If you like it please check out my youtube page. My page is jenklefritz.

Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/user/jenklefritz

This one is entitled sycophant kisses. Please let me know what you think.

Sycophant kisses, unfulfilled wishes,

stacks of dirty dishes a miss but no misses,

as these shackles tighten tighter I'd like to be beside her,

like a lover not a fighter, once was I much brighter.

But now I'm just a fraction of the man I used to be,

like a leaf upon a branch when I used to be the tree,

so the spirits gave me life but nothing comes for free

and the only one to blame is my complacency.


My complacency and me you see, are an exercise in futility,

so don't expect me to set you free from your ideology of apathy.

So I sit here with my pencil and slowy start to stencil,

each word upon this page to try to pacify my rage,

when I was just a kid I thought that I would rid,

the world of every evil, a champion of the people,

but now I work a nine to five, I'm rich I'm rich just not alive,

I guess I thought that there would be more,

than a nightly stop at the liqour store,

so barkeep... pour a shot for me and pour one more for complacency.


Ashes on the finest floor, roaches in the darkest drawers,

I know somehow there's got to be more, than sycophant kisses and unfulfilled wishes.

Nobody ever misses the poorest of the poor,

when it's time to meet your maker, will money keep the score?

Cause hell is full of heroes who died with seven zeroes attached to their name like a two-bit whore,

and when you realize that money won't set you free at least you've got your complacency X 3

and your apathy, and your irony and hypocrisy and your sarcasm.


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hi and welcome to Songstuff JJ3 :)

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Welcome, JJ3 :) ...

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Thanks for the welcome guys. Any tips on how I could connect with musicians who might want to work with me to turn my words into music? I like to write lyrics, I don't pretend to think that I can sing, but I can recite them. I'm trying to showcase my lyrics on my youtube page. youtube.com/user/jenklefritz

It's something I started doing years ago. Initially I wrote about heartbreak as most do, but as I wrote more and read and had some ideas on how the world works, I started writing more about social and environmental issues that I am passionate about. I would like to use this platform to meet people who might want to work with me to create videos for my recitation, create music and songs with my lyrics and or I could write about specific issues if requested. I can write in a technical fashion if needed or on a specific subject in a parapraph format, but my love is to write lyrics that rhyme and flow. I hope you enjoy and would love to hear more from anyone with any ideas on how to forward my vision for reaching out to others to work and improve my product.



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