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Well Hello There!

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Hey everyone,

My name is Tristen, I'm 18 years old and I'm coming from the Netherlands. I've started writing songs around a year. At the moment I'm in a school of higher general secondary education, yeah I looked that up haha. I'm doing crap at school because I have no motivation at all. My parents want me to finish it, but all I want is to pay my bills, working as a musician, in the future. So yeah I'm pretty desperate.

I think my lyrics are quite good for someone who have only written them for a year, but who am I to say that. I'm here to get positive criticism and become better and better and furfill my dream. I've shown my lyrics on my profile on a dutch social network and people liked it, so I put strength out of that.

I've always wanted to play an instrument. Piano or Guitar, but I never tried it because I was afraid that I couldn't do it, so I didn't start with it. The same story with composin music, that's something I want to do, because now I have the lyrics on paper,but I can't do anything with it.I want to make songs, on my own or with people who believe in me. I want the world to hear me.

My musical influences are: Jay-Z, Jason Derulo, Ne-yo, Eminem, Drake, Rihanna etc, these are one I like the most. Jay-Z isn't number one for nothing, I think he is amazing. So I love Hip/Hop,Rap and R&B, that's the direction I want to go in with my songs too. I think my voice sounds crap, but I don't really know, because I haven't had any singing lessons or so and I don't have the talent to sing and put it on youtube and subsequently everybody loving it. So I might start rapping once I'm ready for it.

Now you heard my story, I have way much more to tell, but I think some of you already started to falling a sleep and It was a challenge for me to write this, because my english isn't perfect.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. When I see Rihanna on the TV, I start to gab.. My girlfriend isn't happy about that.

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Hey Tristen, Welcome to Songstuff! :)

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Welcome to Songstuff Tristen :)


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