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I just registered for the forums, so here I am introducing myself.

I'm a British guy, originally from a small town near Liverpool, currently living in Arizona. I also have strong connections to Finland and really view Helsinki as my long time home.

I've written songs, or at least messed around with original compositions since I was in a band in highschool, but I have rarely finished anything until this year. But I now have six MP3s of original material on my blog page


I play guitar (I have a bit of a GAS issue...), bass and record just using an M-Audio Fastrack and Garageband on a Macbook. I also 'sing', badly...

I have young kids, so I am not in a band. My long term aim is to continue to write as the kids get older, working on my chops as a writer, guitarist and singer. I might even start doing open mics with an acoustic guitar, if I can build up the courage! Ultimately I'd like to join or form a band when I have more free time. If my singng has improved by then, peraps I'll even front it. If not, then I'll look to play guitar or bass.

Stylisically, the material I have is all over the map, but I guess you could pigeon-hole it as alternative rock in the broadest sense.

I guess I am looking to engage with other musicians and songwriters. Just plugging away in the spare room is cool, but if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it... I'm also keen to pick up tips and get feedback.

Anyway. That's me.



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Thanks Tom! Just read your blog post. Wise words! It is indeed sad that it gets more difficult each year to make a living as an artist, but the opportunities for an amateur to pursue his/passion are now amazing.

Have you read this?


As a spotty teenager I used to yearn for a tascam 4 track, but now look at all the gizmos we have!

I'm looking forward to checking out other people's music on the forums

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