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"hey" From Vienna

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I'm more the silent "read-don't write"-forum guy and I've been checkin on your site for quite some time now. I figured this is not the kind of community to throw stones at everyone who says "Commonyouguys - check out my music"

So I thought maybe it's time to introduce my band - I'm quite nervous nonetheless, so I might pee a little.

"I like loud stuff!"

Hit the first!

"I like calm instrumental stuff!"

Hit the second!

"I don't like any of your stuff!"

Well,... at least I tried!

ProgressiveRock from Vienna - Enjoy

vimeo: https://vimeo.com/50424146 or youtube:

Music (free download):



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hi anf welcome to the site. :) The aim of the site is to encourage constructive critique... ie the process should be Observe, Analyse, Suggest and Discuss. After all if there is an issue, as writers it is better to know than not, and to know what works and what doesnt. At least you can then follow (or not) any suggestions, knowing why you were swayed to make a change.

The point is, critiques are opinions, not an absolute ruling, no matter who makes comment. Like all writers going through the process, you will find some fellow writers whose word you trust regarding getting your songs to where you want them to be, and others whose comments, though interesting or useful, take your songs in a direction you want to go.

Please, dont take critique personally. It is a specific song being analysed, not you. If you get a comment, really try to understand the point being made, and the perspective it comes from. Often they have a very valid point. If you truly try to understand point and perspective it makes a huge difference to the amount of benefit you get from critique. With each song, learn, improve and apply what you learn in futute writing.

Just my two cents. :)

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Hey John,

Oh, my comment wasn't aimed at criticism. I do like criticism and I usually don't take it personally.

But a lot of forums hate against new members who advertise a band before writing several posts.

I prefer to get to know musicians by their music and not by "My name is Matt and I live in Minnesota"-kinda stuff.

Thanks for your welcome,


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