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How Much Is It The Song And How Much Is It The Marketing?

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Very true HS. That said much marketing is not just about telling you about a product, it is also about ensuring you have an appetite for that specific product when you find it, and that when you are more likely to like it. Marketing hype is more successful at helping you find it, with an appetite, than it is at actually making you like it... the latter depends on whatever is being promoted being close to living up to that marketing hype. If it is, the hype is accepted, if not the hype and product can be forcefully rejected.

Music is an interesting specific product as generally listeners have heard the song several times before they get a chance to buy it. Often having heard specific parts of the song (usually the chorus) many times. With music, the fans not only buy into the song, they buy into the image. The point being that at the time of purchase the satisfaction for the masses is down to both the song and the image. For that satisfaction to continue, both the song and the image need to be enduring, and memorable.

The point is that different aspects of a song, the artist, and their marketing, affect different phases of the popularity of the song and the artist. Reptition is a key part of a song and it's marketing delivering a message to the listener. The more plays, in the right places and at the right time do have a huge effect.

There does come a point, also, where both the song and the marketing can reach a point of saturation that will result in fans switching off, not on, to the music. The point where people become sick listening to a song because it has been played so often.

It's not straightforward, completely predictable, but today's music marketers have it down to a fine art.

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That is precisely what viral marketing is meant to combat, spam bomber blues, but it like everything gets annoying because of the phoney social media accounts created to promote viral campaigns, that and the number of "non-friend-friends" almost everyone with a social media account has in their profile.

On Songstuff we filter out a lot of drive by postings, especially anything off-topic (would you like some alligator shoes? How about free mp3 downloads?), but we do tend to leave posts made to the right section by the artist themselves (or who we believe to be the artist). Still they do get through. In terms of "play begging" etc I tend to ignore it. I am FAR more likely to listen to a song by a genuine community member. In fact I can't remember ever listening to a drive by poster.

Somehow people think if they make a lot of noise that demands attention, saddly they forget that what they are trying to get is plays by potential fans, and forget to motivate them by talking to them and treating them as people.

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i wonder what has more effect on the popularity of a song or an artists...is it the song? Do people really like the song or the artist so much that they make them popular or is it the marketing and people just like what has been advertised the most and played on the radio/TV?

I think its the lyrics that grab the people to stick on the music.

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Initially your songs and your way of singing with style statement,makes popular as a singer.later when you gain a level of popular that audience blindly believe in your music they are ready to accept anything from your side.Means before marketing yourself as brand be a good and unique product.That's it.....

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