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Hello Everyone. I Would Love Your Opinion Of My Music!

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My name is Nick Thompson and I am a singer/songwriter. I just finished a DEMO version of my new album "Listen For A Sound" and wanted to get some feedback before I re-cut the tracks in the studio.
I am looking for feedback on the songs and production. ALSO PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that the drums are programmed drums and I will have a real drummer recorded for the final album version and the mixes are REALLY ROUGH. Be honest and critical if need be. I have thick skin so it won't bother me. 

LINK TO MUSIC: https://soundcloud.com/nick-thompson-music


Thanks everyone!

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I think this is a pretty catchy tune! I know you said some things are programmed but it actually sounds pretty good. And that just means it'll sound much better with a real drummer and so on.


That one chord change in the chorus works really well because it's kind of eerie but the track itself is so upbeat. It creates a cool juxtaposition. The harmonies help too. In fact, if I were to change anything I would try to put that part in maybe one more time.


The vocal effect at the end also sounded cool and I would try to emulate that for your final album version.


Cool song!

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Hi Nick, welcome to Songstuff :)


As no one else has mentioned it yet I'll point you to our lyrics critique and song and recording critique boards. as you should get far more comments, and more detail in the comments, in those boards. Members don't tend to think about offering critique outside those boards, though you will get some general comments either here or in our musician's lounge. Just follow the critique board rules and I am sure you will get lots of comments and feedback.

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