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Love Song Music:how Do I Write The Music? Advice Needed.

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I want to write a love song with the deep and meaningul lyrics but I need to write the ideal music for it.It has to be a song that carries the love/being in love theme.I want to write the music so that it touches the heart.To give you some idea of some similar style songs that I'd like to write:


1)Biggest part of me.Ambrosia

2)King & queen of hearts.David Pomeranz

3)My love.Paul McCatrney.

4)If I had words.Scott Fiztgerald & Yvonne Keeley.

5)You make me feel brand new.The Stylistics.

6)You look at me.("Joanie loves Chachi" tv show theme song.)

(All these are on youtube.)


I just need advice here.Minor chords if used in the right place in a song are good to emphasize the emotions.Do I use a combination of major and minor chords? Is there a way to determine which chords are more suited to this style of song? I really want to a song that I can sing from the heart and loud.The Ambrosia song is a good example of that type of song.



Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


I have a Roland RD 700SX stage piano and tascam portastudio 4 track tape deck.



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You've had the best start by listing similar songs. Now you know what you like, keep studying them, write out or Google the lyrics and look at them like poetry: what works, where are the rhymes, what is the "story", what bits make you feel the most emotions?


Next, find or work out the chords and you'll soon know where the majors and minors fit. The songs will probably mix these up a lot, but usually a happy or hopeful song will use mainly major chords, a yearning or sad song mostly minors. A love song could be either.


The rest is up to you. If you keep thinking deeply about love songs and understanding them well by starting with the above before long a new set of chords or a melody or a line of poetry will come to you and you will be writing your first love song. If you're already in love or want to be it will be all the easier. Best of luck and make sure you share your stuff with the community!

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