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Love Songs:any Tips On Writing A Great Love Song?

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I would love to write a great love song.Something with real deep and meaningful lyrics.I need advice on what makes a great love song.


1)How many verses should the song have?

2)Should there be an instrumental in the middle or in there somewhere?

3)what does a love song need to make it right?


All suggestion will be greatly appreciated.



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I think a real love song comes from your own experience.

you can't set a particular genre, structure, or musical break to make it right.

It just has to be right for you.

My perfect love song has 4 verses, 2 choruses, 1 bridge, a piano and accostic guitar (maybe James Taylor already did this.... tee hee)


I've heard rap, rock, folk, and operatic love songs...they all touched me in a different place in my heart.

All the best to you!!!

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Love Songs are best written and are great with imagery and emotion... Take a look at my lyrics to "My Black Parade" it's a love/Goodbye song of emotion and imagery.. It may help you out.. But, this was wrote about someone and came from within.. Feel free to look it over or my piece "My Ruin" if you like that style, I can help you.

Take Care my friend


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I'm going in a different direction. I'm not a believer in having to have experienced something to be able to write about it. We are songwriters. We all have imagination. We take nothing, put it into song. We create something from nothing. If we were limited to our own experiences, we'd be unfairly restricting ourselves.

Now, what does a good love song need? In my opinion, it's longing!

Not desire, Not want, not even feelings of devotion or adoration.


There are three ways to express longing that I have found, so far.

1. Lyrically. No, I don't mean that the song should literally say, "I long for you" but it should metaphorically say, "I can't live without you!"


A great example is Harry Nilsson's "Without You",

2. Melodically. If you are a believer in the Tension and Release school of melody making, you probably do this already. I know I do. The best way I know is to start or finish a phrase 1 whole tone above the tonic of the chord it is played over. For those not big on theory (and a lot of songwriters, like Dianne Warren wouldn't know theory if it hit them!): If you are playing a G chord, sing an A note. If singing a C chord, play a D note. It can be achieved to a lesser extent, by playing a whole tone above the dominant too. ie. Playing an E note over a G chord, or an A note over a C chord. This 6th note is already a part of the chord's family, so it won't feel wrong, unlike singing the 2nd note, which creates the tension that in turn creates a feeling of longing.


The masterclass example of this form of melody is Paul McCartney's "Yesterday".

3. Combine 1 and 2!

The song should only be as long as the message takes to be made. Consider "Donna" by Ritchie Valens. This song is real short. He sings it twice which is why goes as long as 2:23!. That is performance though, not the length of the song per se.

The form a love song should be written in is not set in stone. Most radio songs conform to Verse - Chorus - Verse - Chorus - Bridge - Chorus (also known as ABABCB) because it works on radio. In a world where our attention span is being reduced into soundbites, this form provides enough stability for people to learn the song easily, and enough variation that it doesn't get boring, and therefore, "tuned out" by the listener. If you are a singer/songwriter who is not trying to get their song on the radio, use whatever form you wish. You still can if you are trying to get on the radio but the majority of songs on the radio use the ABABCB form because it works.

All your questions addressed. My opinion only, my friend, and I am NOT saying anyone else is wrong.

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