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How did you start out as a songwriter?

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I'm wondering how you started writing songs.

If you play an instrument, how proficient were you when you started writing? Did you even depend on an instrument to help you write? Did you write songs in your head?

Since I was little I have invented tunes in my head. I remember as a seven year old 'writing' a song called 'Red and Green Gorilla' (yes, really). Fortunately, I don't remember how it went.

I started to write songs down (lyrics and chords) when I could play three chords (E, A and D if I remember rightly). My first song that I ever wrote down was called 'Out of Control'. It wasn't very good but it was my first and you have to start somewhere. My second song 'No Second Chance' was a lot better - a strumfest, but I have dared play it in public and did not get booed.

My writing improved my playing and vice versa. Knowing I could write my own stuff diverted me from learning other people's songs. On the whole, I think it was mistake not to learn more of other's songs because you learn your instrument better (new chords and so on you would not have discovered for yourself). Still, I have amassed quite a body of work now that I might not otherwise have done.

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From the time I was about 7, I'd make up horrible little lyrics. :( Absolutely dreadful. Then I got my first guitar at age 13 and a few months later started writing somewhat not-so-dreadful songs.... This was the beginning of my "trying-to-be-Dylan" stage. This lasted for about a year and a half and yielded 22 songs - none of which have (or ever will) see the light of day. Then around August '03 I got slightly more serious and started writing decent stuff. :)

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I started playing at a young age. I soon realized that I was more interested in how music was put together, than becoming a virtuoso on one instrument.

There are a great many musicians who are more than happy with only playing music that someone else has written. Although do enjoy it from time to time, I love the process of creating something new.

Playing offers a dimension of expression through music. Writing adds an entirely new dimension to this.

Add to that, I simply enjoy it!



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I started playing guitar at the age of 15. As soon as I had learned a few chords, I tried to make up my own tunes. I wouldn't call it songwriting, more, composing on a naive scale..

I actually found one of my earliest attempts at a song a few weeks ago. It was called 'Paper Trails' The lyrics don't really mean anything! I could dig it out and post it if anyones interested?

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I used to dream every nigt with music, and also used to be singing all the time, from dusk till dawn... one day my father said: shut up!!! and I never openend my mouth from then on to sing again. then I started playing guitar.

my first songs were very depresive stuff, I recorded most of them,

I remember that one of the first ones was jus me shouting and moanin' over a minor chord strings sequence.

my little sister said that she thought somebody was killing me with a knife when I recorded it, in the tape you can hear her bangin' on my room's door...

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i wrote ma first song wen i was on the verge of suicide since then i've been writin well :D 




Well I'm glad you made the right desicion Kriss! Songwriting is much more productive than suicide! :)

Welcome to songstuff!

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i actualy started just with poems, and then a like a year and like ummm i dunno 3 months ago, i found GTU(guitar tabs universe for those who arnt farmiliar) and after reading alot of lyrics from over there, and gettin some tips on how to modify my poems inta songs, i began songwriting. so yea, and about tha intraments, althou i was a (beginer-intermediate) guitar and keyboard player, i didnt realy rely on them to write. i would try to put together music to go along with them ,but it never affected my writing.

and oh yea, my first ever poem was also about suicide (go figure, 5 years later and its still ma fav topic, ha ha)


*~peace and love~*

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