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Mockingbird Remix

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I got so many emotions they overflowing

They showing its time for throwing

 My hood up its steady growing

For good ima steady blow em

 To pieces they blown to pieces

 Decease em and leave em restless

 In places they always sleepless

 My thesis is unfinished

 Some creatures they come get it

 But I aint give em anything

Know that I’m hard headed

Embedded in my blood indebted to my mum

Regretted the outcome so panic has now sprung

In my mind it aint kind all the time thinking evil thoughts

Who the fck am I walking blind where the evil walks

 See the eagle stalking the prey aint no talking today 

Heard its pain it been slain won’t be walking again

 Won’t be walking with a  chink to the thigh

Kill this beat motherf*cker in the blink of an eye I

Keep killing it the realest shit its militant

You will admit you dealing wit the illest killah

From the fellowship

The bellow rips when I scream through the lung

 Cop a brick to my face so I grip for the gun son

 You better run for ya life right now

There’s a killah in the house take ya life right now

 Grip the mic right now get this hyped up crowd

Screaming louder than a mother f*cking nightclub now

 I’m going harder than a mother f*cking train on tracks

 My rhymes are murder like a mother f*cking maniacs

 Attached with a back pack with six guns

Brung six knifes to a fist fight got that shit done

 It was murder while he swinging his hand

Dislocate his f*cking shoulder im the medicine man

 Got the damaging plan to murder these other rappers

 I’m hurting these other rappers

I’m turning em all too flashes

I’m burning em all to ashes

 I’m churning em all to dust

They learning a f*cking lessen  

Turn em all too mush

Burn em till they bust

Rapture erupt and disappear

 I leave em dust clutching

 I must interfere

 This inner fear is dwelling deep in my soul

I feed it fire for the menace it continues to grow

This a sinister show with a sinister plot

I administer pain through this image I got

So stay clear of wreckage that I’m bringing

 The second that I bring it

 The records they start spinning

 Ill wreck it in five minutes

 I kick it with vile menace

 A menace to my nation

 Awaiting a life sentence

Never quit never slip never trip

Always grip to the ship when the waves rip

f*ck the slave ships go and set em free

 No it’s never me I’m still floating in the sea

Trying to succeed and achieve what I’m all about

But I’m like a slave whose in chains they still hold me down

I’m fighting to break free but can’t

They trying to break me but cant

Its tiring and they be mistaked

 If they think for a second a lion won’t awake

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Babylon! Brother I can Hear the rhyming talent & passion because I understand & have expressed myself this way too.. Yet your lyric is not organized in a way to decently Show it to All eyes(the ones that understand & the ones that don't) These seem confused(Babylon=confusion) stay up!

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